Greg Gutfeld Goes After Juan Williams For Making ‘False Statement’ About Trump

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld tore into co-host Juan Williams this week when he questioned the Trump administration’s “strategy of normalizing” the coronavirus pandemic.

During a segment on Monday’s “The Five,” Gutfeld, who was fired up after the “craziest” question from Williams, also slammed the media for their “politicized” coverage of the virus.

Williams sent Gutfeld over the edge when he began a segment by falsely claiming that President Donald Trump is trying to “normalize” coronavirus.

Gutfeld even began uncontrollably laughing at the idiotic comment made by Williams.

Williams claimed that Trump is trying to downplay the virus, saying: “The White House will increasingly emphasize the relatively low risk most Americans have of dying from the virus, officials said.”

Williams then asked a baited question asking how Trump “normalizing” coronavirus would help his campaign;

“How does the strategy of normalizing the coronavirus help the Trump campaign? I mean, obviously people are dying. This is no common cold. I think that’s evident to everybody,” Williams snidely asked.

That’s when Gutfeld fired back at Williams for such an idiotic statement.

Gutfeld took a moment before saying with a laugh: “That’s the craziest question you’ve ever done.”

Gutfeld immediately pointed out that “nobody is normalizing the virus,” saying that nobody should take the media seriously since they’ve been wrong about Coronavirus time and time again.

Gutfeld said:

“No one should take anybody in the media seriously in their questioning of process if they haven’t actually made a correct piece of advice. Okay? Let’s face it. Number one, they politicized hydroxy. Remember that? They were so happy to find one bad study that said it didn’t work, now they go strangely silent when you hear that it might work and in fact we all kind of knew that it might work. In terms of a strategy, it was well-tolerated among people. We knew there was promise, but the media didn’t like that. Two, the rest home deaths. The media bent over backward to cover up for the Cuomos, right? They didn’t wanted to be a big story, but that was a big story, okay?”

After that, Gutfeld immediately went to a commercial break as Williams sat there in silence.