Growing Number Of Dems Now Agree With MTG: Divide U.S. Between Red, Blue States


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When Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested a ‘national divorce’ between red and blue states, she was mocked by liberal Democrats and, worse, made to look as though she was advocating a domestic conflict.

But a new survey finds a growing number of Democrats actually agree with her now.

The Washington Examiner reported: In a survey of 2,008 voters conducted by the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, 31% of Biden supporters want Democratic-controlled states to secede from the U.S. to form their own country. Among voters who back former President Donald Trump, 41% support secession. What’s more, large groups of both think it’s time to end democracy.”

“Disturbingly, nearly one-third (31%) of Trump supporters and about a quarter (24%) of Biden supporters at least somewhat agree that democracy is no longer a viable system and that the country should explore alternative forms of government to ensure stability and progress,” said an analysis of the survey.

And despite President Joe Biden’s inaugural pledge to bring the country back together — a promise he has regularly broken by referring to former President Donald Trump’s supporters as “MAGA extremists” — Americans are becoming more divided, the analysis found.


The Examiner noted that the following results of the survey were noteworthy:

  • A majority of both Biden (70%) and Trump (68%) voters believed electing officials from the opposite party would result in lasting harm to the U.S.
  • Roughly half (52% Biden voters, 47% Trump voters) viewed those who supported the other party as threats to the American way of life.
  • About 40% of both groups (41% Biden voters, 38% Trump voters) at least somewhat believed that the other side had become so extreme that it is acceptable to use violence to prevent them from achieving their goals.

The Center also said that according to its survey, Biden leads Trump by about 4 points, 52-48 percent. But a CNBC survey published on Tuesday found Trump with a 4-point lead over Biden, 46-42 percent.

In February, Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, tweeted: “We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government. Everyone I talk to says this. From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s [sic] traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”


She also suggested that anyone moving from a blue state to a red state should be denied the right to vote for five years.

“Red states could choose in how they allow people to vote in their states… What I think would be something that some red states could propose is, well, ok, if Democrat voters choose to flee these blue states where they cannot tolerate the living conditions, they don’t want their children taught these horrible things, and they really changed their mind on types of policies that they support, well, once they move to a red state, guess what? Maybe you don’t get to vote for five years,” she said.

Both positions were blasted at the time by liberals and conservatives, including Fox News host Laura Ingraham.


“Ok, well, first, a law prohibiting American citizens – who’ve not committed a crime – from voting would probably not withstand legal scrutiny,” the host said. “And, second, how would like a national divorce be good for conservatism? Now, why would we want to embrace the states that gave us Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, but essentially give up on the states that gave us Reagan and Trump?”

“The last thing we need is an American breakup of any sort. Remember, a motto of this show almost from the start over five years ago has been ‘no state left behind.’ Just because it often seems like Democrats have given up on America themselves, doesn’t mean ever that Republicans or conservatives should,” she said.

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