Haley Vows To Remain In Race For GOP Nom After Trump Trouncing In South Carolina


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Former two-time South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley didn’t just lose Saturday’s GOP primary, she was steamrolled by Donald Trump as he picked up his fifth straight win and now appears to be on a glide path to the presidential nomination later this summer.

But despite the trouncing, Haley, who served as Trump’s UN ambassador, vowed Saturday evening that she would remain in the race nevertheless.

“I said earlier this week that no matter what happens in South Carolina, I would continue to run… I’m a woman of my word. I’m not giving up this fight when a majority of Americans disapprove of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” she said.

“40% is not some tiny group,” Haley continued. “There are huge numbers of voters in our Republican primary [who said] they want an alternative…I said earlier this week that no matter what happens in South Carolina, I would continue to run for president. I’m a woman of my word.”

She also addressed both Trump and President Joe Biden.

“One of them calls his fellow Americans fascists. The other calls his fellow Americans vermin,” she said. “They aren’t fighting for our country’s future. They’re demanding we fight each other.”

For his part, after his big victory, Trump said he wasn’t really focused on Haley anymore.


Trump told Fox News that he’s not sure Haley is “even really in the race” at this point, adding he is now hyper-focused on beating President Joe Biden in the fall.

“I was honored that I received the largest vote in the history of the state — I’m with Senator Lindsey Graham right now, and he just told me we received the largest vote by double — we beat the last record,” Trump told the network. “So that’s a great compliment to all of the people and to making America great again.”

Asked if he thought Haley should now drop out of the race, Trump said he’s “really not thinking about that… I’m not thinking about it.”

“I’m really thinking about we have to beat Joe Biden,” told the outlet. “I don’t know if she’s in the race at all because, you know, I have set records in every single state. I’m not sure that she’s really in the race.”

Trump secured another 44 delegates ahead of the RNC’s nominating convention this summer, CNN reported.

Before Saturday’s primary, Trump dominated other primaries and caucuses in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“I’m very honored by the elections,” he said. “We’re setting records in every single state.”

In an interview Friday evening with Fox News host Bret Baier about her reasons for staying in the race and if she would consider being Trump’s vice president, she was emphatic in her answer.


“Where can you paint a picture on Super Tuesday where you can get a victory?” Baier asked

“We’re gonna see what happens tomorrow. But look, the problem when people say, “Why is she doing this? Why is she doing that?” At first, they were like, ‘She’s doing this because she wants to be vice president.’ I think we’ve pretty much settled that. Then they’re saying–“ Haley responded before Baier interrupted.

“Have we settled it?” he said.

“There is no political motivation. If there were political motivation, I would have gotten out of this a long time ago,” Haley said.

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“By the way, have we settled the vice president thing?” the anchor asked.

“Of course, we’ve settled it! I mean, there is in no way,” Haley emphasized.

“So, it’s done?” Baier pressed.

“I’ve said it for months; it’s done,” she clarified. “Also, looking at a political future – I wouldn’t be doing this if I was worried about a political future. I would’ve gotten out already. I’m doing this trying to wake up our country.”