Kamala Harris Is Doing ‘Everything She Can’ To Avoid Her Job: Report


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Vice President Kamala Harris continues to busy herself with activities that make her appear detached from current and unfolding events and disasters including the worsening situation in Afghanistan and the ongoing illegal migrant crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In fact, it appears that Harris is doing “everything she can” to avoid fulfilling her roles and responsibilities as the Executive Branch’s second-in-command amid escalating questions about President Joe Biden’s mental capacities.

“Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris is people you wanna call if you need to be rescued,” conservative author and pundit Tammy Bruce said during an interview Thursday morning on “Fox & Friends” in response to Ainsley Earhardt’s framing of the twin crises in Kabul and along the border, as well noting that Harris will be “jetting off to California” to attend a campaign event being held by embattled Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“So I’m not quite sure what Gavin Newsom is thinking,” Bruce, a California native, added. “This is an obscene display of politicking — the most obscene we’ve seen in a long time.



“This is a woman who is arguably — could be the most powerful woman in the world who the international press would view and take seriously,” Bruce continued.


“She couldn’t wait to get out of the country,” Bruce added, a reference to Harris’ trip this week to Singapore and Vietnam just as the situation in Afghanistan was getting worse amid a rush to get Americans out before the Aug. 31 deadline, the urgency of which was only compounded by Thursday’s twin bombings near the airport in Kabul that left at least four Marines killed and three others wounded along with other Americans.

“Yes, it was set up ahead of time, and yet America essentially has a hostage crisis” in Afghanistan, Bruce went on. “Meetings can be changed and postponed. I think the allies we were meeting with, or at least the friends, would have understood why the vice president of the United States needed to stay and work on this kind of an emergency.

“But no, she couldn’t do that,” Bruce continued. “It’s as though she’s doing everything she can to not do her job.”


As a “feminist,” Bruce said she has no issue with women being powerful and being seen as such, but “what we have in this case is a woman who is avoiding doing her job” and instead appears to be “mostly concerned with politics,” as evidenced by the trip to try and shore up Newsom as he faces a tougher-than-expected recall vote next month.

After months of pressure following Biden’s naming of her in March to lead the effort to shore up border security, Harris finally made a brief trip in June which was widely mocked and criticized at the time because of where she chose to go.

Harris visited the El Paso sector, near the Texas-New Mexico line, instead of traveling to areas hundreds of miles to the southeast where the migrant and drug-smuggling crisis is much worse. And even then, she didn’t stay long; she was also criticized for jetting off to her home in California after making what some called a “pit stop” in Texas.


Following the debacle in Afghanistan, Harris also faced doubts about her leadership abilities ahead of her Asia trip from world leaders and allies.


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