‘Conversation Over!’ Watters Shuts Down Tarlov During Heated Exchange


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A Fox News segment went off the rails when several co-hosts debated key issues going into November’s crucial midterm elections.

During a segment on “The Five,” the conversation began with the table discussing Democrats claiming Republicans are “hyping” certain issues like crime and inflation to energize voters. Liberal co-host Jessica Tarlov suggested that the Democratic Party’s closing message should be to highlight Republican Sen. Rick Scott’s comments on some cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

This set off Watters, who roundly slammed Tarlov’s comments.

“Is the country angry because Greg Gutfeld has made them angry? Yeah. Or Lindsey Graham has made them angry? Or are they angry because there’s a crime wave, an open border, and everything costs too much?” Watters asked Tarlov.

“Well, mostly about the inflation part and the crime part, which is factoring heavily into a lot of races that Democrats would be putting away,” she replied, adding:

We’re going to talk about the governor’s race here in New York, Pennsylvania. It’s obviously a huge issue. Wisconsin, where President Obama was featured.

But I watched both rallies. I was actually in Georgia over the weekend. And the energy is huge, both for Walker and for Warnock and Abrams. And people are fired up. And it’s always exciting to be in a swing state where your vote actually matters. I don’t have that happen that often.

“This year it’s a swing state,” interjected Watters, referencing the close New York governors race.


“We’ll see how swingy it is,” Tarlov hit back, adding:

But I found I thought President Obama’s message actually was consistent with what he was saying about staying away from the woke stuff. He talked about a lot of bread-and-butter issues that the administration hasn’t been talking about.

He acknowledged inflation and he said it’s bad. It is bad all over the world, but it’s bad. Don’t say that. It isn’t bad.

“And the one thing that he had that I do not understand why it isn’t the core of the Democratic message is what happens if Rick Scott’s plan goes into effect to Medicare and Social Security?” she continued, adding:


And you should all watch it, it’s about a minute-and-a-half clip of him talking about Social Security and how people in Wisconsin worked their whole lives to get that money and that if Republicans get into office, they’re going to means test things. They’re going to scale back entitlements that you’ve worked for. And I do not know why Democrats aren’t leading with that.

“Because it doesn’t work,” interjected Katie Pavlich.

“Cask you a serious question,” jumped in Watters. “What Republican president recently has has attacked and gone after and reduced Social Security?”

“No one has been able to,” replied Tarlov.

“How many Republican presidents have we had in the last 50 years, we have had quite a lot, but they’ve never actually done what they’re always being accused of,” Watters hit back.


“Is it in Rick Scott’s plan, in his commitment to America?” asked Tarlov.

“The one Republican and the entire Senate? Yes, the one,” shot back Pavlich.

“Well, but he’s the only one who put out a plan, to the point of what are Republicans going to do? He’s the only one. And Mitch McConnell came out and said, I have nothing to do with that. But he didn’t put his plan forward. Right. So you guys tell me,” Tarlov replied.

“Kevin McCarthy laminated, a really nice plan, what’s it called again, Dana?” asked Watters.

“The Commitment to America,” replied Dana Perino.

“Have you read the commitment?” Watters then asks.

“It takes four seconds by the way,” Tarlov replied.

“Does it slash Social security? It does not. Conversation over,” concludes Watters.


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