Disney Heiress Has Twitter Meltdown After Journalist Shows Leaked Videos


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Disney heiress Abigail Disney is furious that conservatives are daring to strike back at the company that bears her family’s name.

After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the law that prevents sexual orientation and sexuality from being taught in his state to students from grades pre-K – 3, journalist Christopher Ruffo leaked some disturbing videos.

“In my little pocket of Proud Family Disney TVA, the showrunners were super welcoming . . . to my not-at-all-secret gay agenda,” executive producer for Disney Television Animation Latoya Raveneau said in a leaked video obtained by Rufo. “Maybe it was that way in the past, but I guess something must have happened . . . and then like all that momentum that I felt, that sense of ‘I don’t have to be afraid to have these two characters kiss in the background.’”

“I was just, wherever I could, adding queerness,” she said“No one would stop me, and no one was trying to stop me.”

“I love Disney’s content. I grew up watching all of the classics. They have been a huge informative part of my life, but at the same time, I worked at small studios most of my career, and I’d heard whispers. I’d heard things like, ‘They won’t let you show this in a Disney show.’ So I was a little sus[picious] when I started, but then my experience was bafflingly the opposite of what I had heard,” the executive producer said.

After that he issued another tweet in which he said “We are waging moral war against Disney. We are directly targeting their public reputation. We are turning half of their customers against them.”


That is the one that set off Abigail Disney.

“Like all radical ideologues, the right wing has finally run amok and is coming to devour the hand that feeds it. Business. For my part I am delighted. It is the business world that has been, either by act or omission, feeding the opportunist right wing to distract Us with culture war nonsense while they rifle through the till and empty everyone’s pockets. This ‘anti-woke’ right wing nonsense is unsupported by a large majority of Americans. In fact most Americans are offended by it and wish it would just go away,” she said.

“You need two things to rule with a minority. First, you need to be constantly looking for fresh meat to throw to the minions, to keep them riled up all the time. That works until the herd thins (remember Scar in Lion King?). So now they’ve come for American Businesses,” the heiress said.

“It was really only a matter of time. But the second thing you need to rule with a minority is money, lots of it. You need the very deep pockets to fund you, yes, and if they don’t, you need them to sit quietly along the sidelines, out of your way.

“Until now, business has been content to do just that. Or they compartmentalized like sociopaths when they funded folks like Dennis Baxley who wrote the hateful Don’t Say Gay bill because as the CEO claimed, he had no way of knowing he might vote for legislation like that,” she said.

“HAH. Or else they have chosen silence. Their silence brought us Donald Trump. Apparently the racism and the xenophobia and the misogyny weren’t deal breakers. Their silence, or at least willingness to compartmentalize when it came to politicians who were willing to fight for Their outrageous and multi-decade campaign to stack the deck against the American People brought us this whole raft of Trump wanna-be’s now casting about for new and more insidious ways to tear the country apart. So now that the right wing and the business agenda,” she ranted.

“Might actually be showing signs of parting ways, perhaps we might see the powerful lobbies of the various industries wondering which party was truly interested in supporting their interests. Perhaps we will see lobbies lose faith in the devil’s partnership they Until now have relied so heavily upon to look after their subsidies, their tax breaks, their flouting of law and regulation. Perhaps the right wing has finally bitten the hand that has been feeding it superfoods these last few decades,” she said.

“his is a monster of corporate America’s creation. Until now they’ve managed to dodge the worst of it by feigning “neutrality” –even when decent human beings were being actively harmed by right wing activism. The only thing that will work for business now if they want to emerge in one piece, is to stand tall for authenticity, generosity, joy and decency. These things are cryptonite for the right wing agenda. So the cure for this isn’t hard. And it also just so happens to be the heart and soul of the Disney brand,” she said.


“Disney has everything it needs to fight this threat, if only it will have the courage to weather the slings and arrows and threats and name-calling. If only leadership will check in with first principles. If only they will show us that as a company that trades on American,” the heiress said.

“Right now, when it matters most of all, they will stand for those values with every fiber of their being. Yeah guys like Rufo can try, but Disney is so much bigger, means so much more to the American people than that little punk can ever hope to mean,” she said.

And the journalist responded to her.

“LMAO: The Disney heiress, who inherited $100+ million and cosplays as a “class traitor,” is coming after me now. The most privileged people on the planet pretend to be avatars of the oppressed and they are absolutely pathetic,” he said.


“I met a lot of these people when I was an undergraduate at Georgetown. They are the most entitled, narcissistic, status-obsessed people imaginable. They adopt identities and moral causes to project their problems onto the world and ‘solve’ them with their inherited wealth.

“But deep down, Abigail knows that she doesn’t deserve it, couldn’t survive without, and isn’t morally strong enough to give it away. And so she builds an image as a ‘class traitor,’ wants to ‘outlaw private jets,’ and tries to evade that gnawing sense that she’s a fraud,” he said.

“The best way to understand people like Abigail Disney is that, for them, playing progressive politics is a very expensive form of therapy. She used grandpa’s money to “disrupt inequality” and “make peace in Africa,” but it’s all pseudo-altruism and self-serving performance.

“I welcome the scorn of people like Abigail Disney. I know who I am, I know the privileges that I’ve inherited, and I know that I could survive on my own initiative and raise my children without the vast psychological complexes of people like her,” the journalist said.

“P.S. I hope you read this whole thread, @abigaildisney, and have a long talk with your therapist about it. Perhaps I could help you with a personal breakthrough. You might even hank me later,” he said.

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