9 Republicans Vote With Dems To Pass ‘Dreamer’ Amnesty For Illegal Migrants

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In the middle of an unprecedented border crisis, the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives just voted for mass amnesty.

On Thursday, the House voted to pass the Dream and Promise Act, which grants total amnesty to illegal immigrants who entered the country while under the age of 18.

The bill passed by a margin of 228-197, with a total of 9 Republicans voting with Democrats to pass the bill.

Below are the 9 House Republicans:

    1. Don Bacon (NE)
    2. David Valadao (CA)
    3. Fred Upton (MI)
    4. Maria Elvira Salazar (FL)
    5. Dan Newhouse (WA)
    6. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)
    7. Chris Smith (NJ)
    8. Carlos Gimenez (FL)
    9. Mario Diaz-Balart (FL)

The Dream and Amnesty Act would require a total of 10 Republicans to vote “aye” in the Senate to be recognized as law.

So, there’s a decent chance this bill will never pass the Senate and make it to Joe Biden’s desk.

Many House lawmakers — if not all — who voted for this amnesty bill have a history of lobbying for increased migration, and opposing President Donald Trump’s hardline stance on amnesty.

The Biden administration’s border crisis has gotten so bad that even CNN is calling them out for it.

During a White House briefing, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins grilled Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the crisis Biden’s administration has created along the country’s southern border.

“One last question on the border: The administration has refused to call it a ‘crisis,’ instead of referring to it as a ‘challenge’ and saying what you call it doesn’t make a difference of how you’re responding to it,” Collins said.

“Now, today there are over 3,700 children, unaccompanied migrant children, in border patrol custody. They’re spending on average over 100 hours, four days in these facilities that are jail-like facilities not meant for children, so how can you say that’s not a crisis?” Collins asked.

Psaki was stunned, obviously.


Collins, in part, was referring to a report from CNN on Monday that revealed children detained in an overcrowded government-run tent facility at the US-Mexico border say they haven’t been able to shower for days or contact their parents.

Some children get to shower about once a week and sometimes soap runs out, with only shampoo available, she said. One child told Welch she hadn’t showered in six days.

Things are so bad that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is asking DHS staff to “volunteer” to help deal with what he conceded was an “overwhelming” number of migrants at the border.

Earlier this week, Democrat West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin broke from Biden and called the migrant surge a crisis that needs to be fixed.


“Whatever message was sent — it was sure interpreted the wrong way,” he said. “It’s a crisis — oh it’s a crisis.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also did not mince his words this week when discussing Biden’s handling of the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border — and he’s laying the blame on Democrats.

During an interview on Fox News, McConnell flat-out said that Biden “owns” the border crisis, and that, “It is, by definition, an emergency.”

“My definition of a crisis is when you send the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which only goes to emergencies, down to the border,” McConnell said.

“It is, by definition, an emergency. This administration walked away from the policy of the previous administration (which) was able to negotiate with the Mexican government, where people are detained on the other side of the border,” he added.

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