Republican Rep. Hice: Still Just Under 35,000 Ballots Questioned in Georgia


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Georgia Republican Rep. Jody Hice revealed this week that there are just shy of 35,000 ballots in question from Georgia’s 2020 November race, with just 10,000 of the ballots having been confirmed.

During an interview on Newsmax, Hice said the forensic audit in Georgia’s Fulton County is revealing “tremendous amounts of potential irregularities, to say the least,”

“What you’re referencing is people who moved out of the county into another county in Georgia and yet they went back and voted in the county that they moved from,” Hice said.


Hice also spoke about the recently passed election integrity laws in Georgia.

“It is going to increase voter accessibility, while at the same time decreasing the potential for fraudulent behavior, potentially fraudulent behavior, and that ought to be embraced by everyone,” said Hice. “We want fair elections.”

While speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas on Sunday, Hice praised Donald Trump and said he “is the face and the voice and the leader of the Republican Party.”


“He has been for over five years. That’s not going anywhere. His popularity is as great as it’s ever been and his messages right on target with where the American people are,” Hice said of Trump.

“He stands for America first, and most Americans support that. And so his reception was just phenomenal, and it’s going to continue to be that way as we go forward,” Hice added.

“The Democrats, all they care about is attacking President Trump and trying to harm him either out of their fear that he might run again or that he might continue being the voice of the Republican Party,” said Hice.


He continued: “Either way, their motivations are all directed towards hatred against Donald Trump and the American people are onto this, and they’re tired of it. And so it seems like more and more with each passing day in each passing week, all of these attacks. Against the president just are rolling off and, yeah, I think he’s weathered the storm. I think it’s going to come out of it stronger than ever literally.”

New evidence allegedly shows that more than 10,300 Georgia voters may have cast their ballots illegally during the 2020 election.

Following a recount in Georgia regarding the 2020 US Presidential Election, doubt has been cast over the legitimacy of the final result. 

The recount reportedly found a number of discrepancies relating to the absentee ballots and their legitimacy.

Shortly after the November election, the president of Data Productions Inc. who is described as an expert in voting data analytics, Mark Davis, obtained data from the National Change of Address (NCOA) database identifying Georgia residents who confirmed that the US Postal Service.


“Approximately one-third of the votes at issue could have altered the outcome of the election,” The Federalist alleges. “Yet the media, the courts, and the Secretary of State’s Office ignored or downplayed the issue.”

Jake Evans, a lawyer who has managed to successfully overturn two Georgia elections, told The Federalist that he agreed with Davis’ findings.

Explaining, “an election should be overturned either if (1) more votes than decided the election were illegal, wrongfully rejected or irregular, or (2) when there were systemic irregularities that cast in doubt the results of the election.”

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