HISTORIC: Votes Are IN And Counted – Trump Is Smiling

Voters around the world have begun to fight against the cabal that wants to run everything. And it just happened again in Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been treated in his nation much like President Donald Trump has in America.

He has his own deep state that is after him and he has even been indicted, which is something Democrats would do to President Trump if they could.

But even with all of that against him the prime minister just won his primary election in a landslide over his opponent.

It means that he is still the head of the ruling Likud party and it gives him a strong shot in the arm as he heads into the third election in less than a year scheduled for March.

“A giant victory,” the prime minister tweeted “Thanks to the members of Likud for the trust, support and love,” he said. “God willing, I will lead Likud to a big victory in the coming elections.”

His opponent in the primary, Likud lawmaker Gideon Saar, congratulated the prime minister on his impressive win.

“I am absolutely comfortable with my decision to run,” he said after congratulating the prime minister. “Whoever isn’t ready to take a risk for the path he believes in will never win.”

Israeli elections do not work the same as they do in the United States, which is why they are headed for their third.

In April Netanyahu and his Likud party won the national election but he did not get enough support from smaller parties to form a government.

The same thing happened in the subsequent election which is why they have another scheduled for March.

In Israel citizens do not vote for a candidate, they vote for a Party. It would be as if you vote Republican, Democrat, Independent or another Party in the United States.

The Party chooses the leader, which is submitted to Central Elections Committee prior to the elections.

After an election the winning Party, if the victory is not big enough, has to form a government by getting together with smaller Parties.

If this is not done then a new election has to happen, which is why Israel has been in this circle of continuous elections.

And just because Prime Minister Netanyahu scored a convincing victory in his own Party’s primary does not mean the next election is going to work either.

“It simply means that he’s managed to maintain control of the party,” Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor Reuven Hazan said to The Associated Press. “It just means that the faithful have circled the wagons. It means nothing for the elections except that he looks good. He looks strengthened.”

“His game is to be prime minister because that is a shield from indictment,” he said.

The delay in knowing who the head of the Israeli government is going to be has meant that President Trump has also had to delay his Mideast peace plan.

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