Hours After Pelosi Sham, Trump Brings In A Truckload

Nancy Pelosi pretended to comply with the White House’s wishes with a formal House vote on the impeachment inquiry.

But even that was a sham.

She ignored Republican’s requests for transparency and once again denied the president his right to due process.

Only a handful of Democrats were brave enough to oppose her crooked scheme.

But already this trick turned out to a be treat… for Donald Trump.

Because his campaign manager just took the wind out of Ms. Pelosi’s sails.

From Twitter:

Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment resolution day turned into a MASSIVE fundraising day for @realDonaldTrump

✅ $3 MILLION raised online alone in one day.

✅ That makes $19 MILLION in October online alone!

Impeachment sham is backfiring already!


As Pelosi and her coven of Democrats voted on their sham of a resolution, Americans flooded the Trump campaign with donations.

Just online fundraising alone brought in $3 million. That brings the online fundraising for Trump’s campaign in October to a whopping $19 million.

Democrats must be shaking in their boots.

As they fight harder and harder to get Trump out of office, Americans and pouring cash into Trump’s re-election campaign.

What does that tell you?

Americans aren’t buying what the left is selling. Democrats in the media keep saying Trump needs to be impeached.

But they offer us no evidence. It seems to me they are only trying to impeach him because he’s actually working for the American people.

If he was a typical D.C. politician, just happy to play the lobbyists’ games, there’d be no problem.

Trump isn’t one of them.

He’s actually working to put Americans first. And… he’s succeeding.

Does Pelosi really think Americans are on board with ousting a man like that? Not in her dreams.

I mean, talk about a backfire. If Pelosi was trying to help Trump get re-elected, she couldn’t have done a better job.

By Adam Casalino/Patriot Journal

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