Dem-Controlled House Approves Statehood For D.C. With 232-180 Vote

Democrats have been pushing for years to have the District of Columbia officially recognized as the 51st state in America.

And they just took a major step towards making that a reality.

The Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives approved new legislation that would grant statehood to Washington, D.C, and change the name to “Douglass Commonwealth.”

The vote passed 232-180.

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Collin Peterson was the only Democrat to vote against the bill.

Here’s more from Fox News on the specifics on the bill:

The measure, titled “HR 51,” would convert the capital city into a “commonwealth,” much like Virginia, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. The measure would rename Washington, DC “Douglass Commonwealth,” after abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Each state has two statues in the Capitol. D.C., since it’s not a state, only gets one statue and that is of Douglass.

D.C. residents currently pay taxes but have no voting representation on Capitol Hill. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution called for the creation of a federal district to be the seat of government, and D.C. originally was carved out of two states, Maryland and Virginia, so no single state would have undue influence by hosting the capital.

Republicans called the bill a power grab for the firmly Democratic city and said the nation’s founding fathers intended the capital to be separate from the other states.

“This is about power. Make no mistake about it,″ said Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy, adding that the bill would “fundamentally alter what D.C is.”

“This is not Congress’ land,” said Maryland GOP Rep. Andy Harris. “This is Maryland’s land. Maryland gave it to the United States for the sole purpose of the permanent federal enclave. The nerve of hundreds of my colleagues on the other side other aisle thinking it’s their land. It’s Maryland’s land. And if you want voting rights. It’s simple. Do exactly what occurred in 1847 and give the land back to Maryland.”

President Donald Trump has also recently come out against this idea.

During a recent interview, Trump slammed the idea of statehood for Washington, D.C., because it would likely bring additional Democrats to Congress.

“D.C. will never be a state,” Trump said. “You mean District of Columbia, a state? Why? So we can have two more Democratic — Democrat senators and five more congressmen? No thank you. That’ll never happen.”

“They want to do that so they pick up two automatic Democrat — you know it’s a 100% Democrat, basically — so why would the Republicans ever do that?” he continued. “That’ll never happen unless we have some very, very stupid Republicans around that I don’t think you do. You understand that, right?”

“Why don’t you just take two senators and put them in there?” the president added. “No, it’s not gonna happen. And it how many House seats is it? Like four? Three or four? Whatever it is. You’d have three or four more congressmen and two more senators, every single day of every single year. And it would never change. No, the Republicans would never do that.”

Trump said Republicans aren’t “stupid” enough to add more Democratic seats to Congress.

If D.C. were granted statehood, it would likely have one member of the House and two senators.

This would all-but give Democrats at least three more seats in Congress.

It’s nothing more than Democrats looking for a new way to grab more power to help them get more far-left policies and legislation passed in Congress.

And as long as Trump is in office — he says it’s never going to happen.