HUGE: Trump Surprises Everyone With ‘NEW’ House Speaker Alert

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives committed political suicide back in December and passed both articles of impeachment — obstruction of Congress and abuse of power — against President Donald Trump.

Trump was acquitted by the GOP-controlled Senate last week on both charges, but Pelosi has been criticized for successfully leading arguably the most partisan impeachment inquiry in modern political history.

And now, Trump thinks there will be a new House speaker in 2020.

While speaking at a victory speech at the White House after the Senate voted to acquit him, Trump praised House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for keeping all House Republicans unified in voting against the articles of impeachment in the lower chamber.

Trump went on to predict that impeachment would hurt Democrats in the November elections, predicting Republicans will win back control of the House.

Trump also predicted McCarthy would become the new House speaker.

“Kevin McCarthy has done an incredible job,” Trump said. “You’ll be speaker of the House. I really believe it.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has thrown his support behind McCarthy becoming the new House speaker if Republicans take back the House.

While speaking to GOP donors and House Republicans back in November, the president tore into Pelosi.

“We need to win back the House to retire Nancy once and for all,” Trump told the attendees.

Trump said he’s fully behind McCarthy to become the speaker and called him “tough, loyal, and smart.”

Of the almost 315 donors who attended, each has contributed over $35,000 to McCarthy’s joint fundraising committee, Take Back the House 2020.

The gathering raised $13 million for a committee that will be used to give a boost to Republicans in the next round of congressional elections.

Political analysts, such as Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball, show at least 12 Democratic House seats are considered toss-ups in the 2020 election cycle, while only five are for Republicans.

Back in October, Trump took to Twitter to throw his full support behind McCarthy.

“Leader McCarthy, we look forward to you soon becoming Speaker of the House. The Do Nothing Dems don’t have a chance!” Trump wrote.

The president’s tweet was in response to McCarthy tweeting a screenshot of a letter he sent to Pelosi, where he demanded that she halt her baseless impeachment inquiry into Trump.

“I’ve written to Speaker Pelosi to halt the impeachment inquiry until we can receive public answers to the following questions. Given the enormity of the question at hand—impeaching a duly elected president—the American public deserves fairness and transparency,” McCarthy wrote in his tweet.

Impeachment could play a crucial role in the outcome of the 2020 election.

The presidency, as well as every member of the House and Senate, are up for re-election in November.

While Americans care about real issues, trying to impeach the president over the biggest nothing-burger could have major ramifications on Democrats.

Polling reveals that voters are beyond angry about the impeachment witch hunt, which could result in Democrats losing their majority or, at worst, several seats that will be crucial.

And when the election rolls around in 9 months — Pelosi and her Democratic majority in the House could be wiped out because of their latest witch hunt.