Hunter Biden Gets More Bad News After Conviction: ‘Much More Serious’


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Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley commented on Hunter Biden’s conviction after jurors handed down their decision earlier this month, predicting that the first son’s legal problems were only just beginning.

Hunter was convicted on three felony counts in connection with the 2018 purchase of a .38-caliber revolver on Tuesday after jurors deliberated for slightly over three hours. Turley stated that the House of Representatives’ criminal referral for perjury, along with Hunter’s pending tax case, is still unresolved.

“His counsel has got to refocus on that tax case. They are going into that case now with a convicted felon,” Turley told Fox News “Faulkner Focus” host Harris Faulkner. “Now, these are very different types of claims, but there is a third front developing. Congress just referred, what I consider to be a very strong case, for a perjury investigation of Hunter Biden after his testimony before Congress.”

“Now the expectation is that Garland is going to basically scuttle that referral, but the problem is that the House seems to have Hunter Biden dead [to] rights… on those perjury claims,” Turley added. “It is hard to see how what he said before Congress was true. It is a much more serious offense. It is currently sitting on the desk of Merrick Garland.”



He went on to say that the tax case carried potentially “much more serious” charges, including ties to the Biden family’s business dealings.

Meanwhile, the president’s son has ended his lawsuit against former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The New York Post reported on Friday that Hunter’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, filed for the dismissal Thursday in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

The attorney requested the case be dismissed without prejudice against Giuliani and Robert Costello “without prejudice, with each party bearing its own attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses.”


The attorneys for everyone involved in the case have agreed to the stipulations.

“This dismissal – along with Hunter Biden’s conviction based on evidence taken from the laptop – is a vindication for Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Costello as well as all of the media outlets who broke the laptop story in 2020 and suffered orchestrated censorship by social media, the leftist mainstream media, and others who engaged in election interference,” Giuliani’s attorney Joe Sibley told The Post.

The attorney for the former New York City mayor said that he believes Biden’s team dismissed the case because “they know they have problems on the merits.”

“Mayor Rudy Giuliani has again proven himself to be telling the truth, while those going after him and President Donald Trump have been proven to be liars. All of the false charges that Hunter Biden made against Mayor Rudy Giuliani, his lawyer Bob Costello and others, have been withdrawn and proven to be entirely false,” Giuliani spokesman Ted Goodman said to The Post.


“This should serve as a reminder to people that — despite the unrelenting attacks by partisan Democrats and their allies in the permanent Washington political class — Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s integrity and commitment to the truth is unwavering.

“Mayor Giuliani was right about the Russian collusion hoax, he was right about the Ukrainian quid-pro-quo hoax, and he’s right about Hunter Biden’s laptop. It’s yet another reason why Joe Biden’s FBI — after raiding the mayor’s house and law office, and after conducting a multi-year investigation — reported that they found no evidence of any criminal activity whatsoever,” he said.

U.S. District Judge Jessica Clarke has to agree to dismiss the case before it is done, The Post noted.

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