Hunter Biden Will Plead Guilty to Three Federal Charges


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First son Hunter Biden is planning to plead guilty to a trio of federal charges, a report said on Tuesday. CNN said the pleadings were made public in a federal court filing by the Justice Department.

“The plea deal will have immediate reverberations in the 2024 presidential election. Hunter Biden will plead guilty to two federal tax misdemeanors and one charge tied to gun possession, according to the filing in a federal court in Delaware. He will appear in court to plead guilty to the charges at a future date,” CNN reported.

In December 2020, it was reported that the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware was investigating Hunter for potential tax fraud related to his business dealings in China. The investigation reportedly began in 2018.

In March, a report noted that Hunter used his Connecticut law license to secure a $1 million retainer from the chairman of CEFC China Energy Company in 2017. However, officials said that he neglected to pay the mandatory $75 Client Security Fund fee to maintain his law practice in the state. As a result, his license was suspended for the third time, Breitbart News reported.


The suspension of his law license was linked to the address on record, which is located in the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. The office space was allegedly used by Hunter to facilitate a deal with CEFC China Energy Co., resulting in the retainer payment from the company’s chairman, Ye Jianming, the outlet reported.

Ye reportedly gifted Hunter a diamond worth approximately $80,000 in February of the same year. After the failed CEFC energy deal, Hunter terminated his lease with the House of Sweden in 2018. Reports suggest that the Biden family had organized a deal with CEFC that involved President Joe Biden (referred to as “Big Guy”) obtaining a 10% equity stake in a joint venture.

The House of Sweden returned a rent deposit of $49,910 to Hunter after the lease was terminated, as Breitbart News initially reported. Despite some confusion surrounding his membership in the D.C. Bar, Hunter was still authorized to practice law in Washington, D.C.


Meanwhile, the president, as well as his son, are implicated in an alleged influence-peddling scheme involving a $10 million bribe, half of which was paid to each of them by a Ukrainian energy company executive.

Earlier this month, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) shared a video to Twitter after reviewing an FBI document in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) at the Capitol, telling reporters that the document was “very credible” and the allegations against Biden “are nothing short of deeply troubling.”

Greene alleged that payments were made to the Biden family by Burisma, the Ukrainian oil company of which Hunter Biden was given a seat on the board.

“Back in 2015/2016, Burisma was looking to buy a US-based oil and gas company, and this came from being advised by Hunter Biden and his partners. Biden said [Viktor] Shokin was corrupt. This was around the time of this meeting, [which] was when Joe Biden, as vice president, said that prosecutor Shokin was corrupt,” Greene said.

“They hired Hunter on the board to make the problems go away. That’s what they specifically said. Hunter advised that they could raise more money if they bought a US company. And that’s why they were being investigated by this prosecutor Shokin. The informant was advising them, don’t go this route, why would you buy another US company while you’re under investigation? That’s not a good idea,” said Greene.

“He also said that he paid $5 million to one Biden and he paid $5 million to another Biden. And it was all a bribery to get Shokin fired and end the investigation into Burisma,” she added.

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