Husband of Fox News Host Arrested After Reportedly Pointing Knife at Her Throat


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The husband of popular Fox News host Julie Banderas is facing some legal troubles after he was arrested for allegedly pointing a knife at her throat during an altercation.

Andrew Sansone, who is soon to be Banderas’ ex-husband, allegedly pointed a knife at his wife during a Dec. 14 argument at their apartment in the Hamptons, according to a police report seen by the UK’s Daily Mail.

According to the outlet, the police report said that the couple had argued throughout the day about finances and money as well as their upcoming divorce. As the evening drew near, the 55-year-old Sansone allegedly got upset with his wife after she ate some mashed potatoes that he had made for the couple’s three children.

The police report said that Sansone, at one point, “grabbed a knife from the kitchen and pointed the blade at her neck, causing her to fear for her life.”

Their three children were not in the same room and were in another part of the couple’s home at the time of the alleged incident. The Fox News host reported it to police five days later, and Sansone was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon as well as menacing, the Daily Mail noted.


A source told the outlet that “a judge later granted a restraining order prohibiting him from having further contact with his wife. However, he retains the right to visit the children, through curbside pickups.”

Last week, Banderas, 49, appeared to stun the audience when she announced her pending divorce on the network’s popular late-night show, “Gutfeld!”

During a segment after show regular Tyre downplayed Valentine’s Day, Gutfeld asked Banderas if she was ‘going to get anything, and she fired back: “F**k Valentine’s Day. Yeah, it’s stupid. Even when I was married I didn’t get s**t for Valentine’s Day…”

“Wait — are you no longer married?” Gutfeld asked, surprised.

She then dropped the bomb: “Well, I’m getting a divorce, I’m going to go ahead and say it right here for the very first time.”

She added: “Congratulations are in order, if you know me, you’d clap. That was breaking news, right there.”


Banderas then riffed again on Valentine’s Day: It’s stupid, it’s absolutely ridiculous. By the way, guys, if you are going to get your girl flowers, don’t bring them to her in a box. That’s the only advice I’ve got for you. If you come to be in a box, you better be dead.”

In December, Banderas went scorched earth and condemned school bullying while speaking with a mother from Texas fighting the issue.


During an interview Tuesday morning, Banderas spoke with Terrie Chumchal about her fight to gain access to school records to examine how big of an issue bullying is in her Texas district. Chumchal wanted to review public records regarding two years of severe, racially-charged abuse her son has faced from other students.

Chumchal said that school district lawyers told her that she needed to pay more than $7,000 in public records fees to get access to the documents. When Banderas welcomed Chumchal and attorney Warren Norred to the program, the Fox News host did not mince her words.

“I’m so sorry, as a mother, you have had to endure this,” she said.

Banderas slammed the school district for the incident, calling the bullying against Chumchal’s son, who is of Korean-American heritage, “absolutely despicable.”

Banderas called it “the latest instance in a troubling nationwide trend of public schools trying to use public records and fees to keep parents in the dark.”


“A parent should never, ever be left in the dark,” she continued. “Not on bullying, not on education. We have the right to know what’s happening to our children when they are in your care.”

Banderas was not buying that argument, saying “don’t give me that load of crap that you do not have records of every bully incident, considering the school district could be held liable if, God forbid, something happened to one of those kids. They are responsible for our children when they’re not under our roofs, so this sounds like a bunch of bull.”


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