Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Sparks Controversy With Alleged Comment About U.S. Military

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has made a slew of controversial comments since becoming a member of Congress a year and a half ago. 

Now, her daughter is in the spotlight for making what appears to be a highly insulting comment about United States military service members.

Isra Hirsi, the daughter of Omar, uploaded a video to social media over the weekend, where she allegedly calls U.S. soldiers “b**ches” and said they are “actively killing innocent children abroad.”

In the video, Hirsi appears to be responding to an initial clip from U.S. service members partaking in a social media prank.

The prank involves the person hiding a camera, then later “finding” and insulting it, with the goal of making it seem as if the person is speaking directly to the person viewing the video.

In one particular video clip, a service member is doing the prank and calls the viewer a “b**ch,” which in this case was Hirsi because she was watching the video.

Hirsi’s response to the prank video was more than concerning.

“I know that this is a joke, but the fact that these men are calling me a b**ch while they are actively killing innocent children abroad and also furthering American imperialism makes me think they are actually the b**ch,” Hirsi says in the clip.

(Warning: video clip below features strong language)


Hirsi responded on Twitter shortly after the video gained attention online and denied that she used profane language directed as the U.S. Service members, according to BizPac Review.

“The men in the video clearly call those watching “b**ches”, which is why I used the word,” Hirsi said.

Hirsi’s mother, Ilhan Omar, has also come under fire several times for making controversial comments.

Omar and 14 House Democrats recently demanded that Immigration and Customs Enforcement halt all deportations, citing the coronavirus pandemic as the justification.

Omar has been accused of marrying her own brother to commit marriage, tax, and immigration fraud.

Earlier this year, the New York Post reported that two federal agencies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Education, have purportedly been contacted by the FBI.

The FBI is supposedly looking into claims that Omar married her brother as a way to circumvent U.S immigration laws and illegally gain entry into the country.

Omar is also facing questions about recent FEC filings showing that her campaign may send $1 million to a political consulting firm run by Tim Mynett, a man with whom she allegedly had an affair with while he was still married.