Ingraham Risks Her Career Warn America Of Mueller’s Hidden Secret

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller had a rough time before Congress last Wednesday. He appeared unprepared, unaware of what his own Russia reported stated, and made it clear to many that he wasn’t actually the one calling the shots on the investigation.

But Fox News host Laura Ingraham risked her career to warn America of Mueller’s hidden secret.

During a segment on her Fox program, Ingraham, former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova, and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jon Yoo argued that Mueller appointed two highly conflicted officials to serve at the highest roles of his investigation.

Because of this, they argued, it was a clear ethics violation.

Ingraham began by hammering the appointment of a special counsel in the first place and called out Mueller for having several ethics violations.

“How was a man who was obviously so detached from key aspects of the case ever allowed to run the investigation,” Ingraham asked.

“Why didn’t they end the investigation when they realized there no collusion [with Russia] or conspiracy to throw the [2016] election?” she continued.

Andrew Weissman, who served as Mueller’s “pitbull,” was one of the top prosecutors who was part of the Justice Department opening the Russia witch hunt into then-candidate Donald Trump back in mid-2016.

When testifying on Wednesday, lawmakers asked Mueller if he was aware that Weissman had donated to Democrats for years and attended Hillary Clinton’s “celebration party” on election night in 2016.

That’s right — Mueller’s top lawyer donated to Clinton and attended her election night party.

Then, Mueller appointed him to lead the probe into Trump, who embarrassed Clinton and defeated her in the election.

Jeannie Rhee, another member of the special counsel’s team, also spent years doing legal work for Hillary Clinton.

Rhee is a leftist activist that further clouded her ability to conduct a fair and impartial investigation of Trump.

When asked about Weissman and Rhee during his testimony, Mueller claimed he had no idea about any of that.

DiGenova pointed out Weissman and Rhee had clear conflicts of interest.

Yoo said: “As a former Justice Department official, as Joe was, you’re supposed to take it upon yourself to ask yourself; can I be impartial?

“It’s not even whether I can be impartial, it’s also would anyone knowing about my work say, from my past clients, or my personal friends, or political contacts, would anyone outside question the impartiality of the Justice Department if I participated?” Yoo asked.

Ingraham noted that under attorney ethics rules, the Hillary Clinton-linked attorneys on Mueller’s staff (Weissman and Rhee) had an obligation to recuse themselves from the case.

“My friends, Republicans must hold them accountable and get real answers as to why this team was allowed to operate outside the code of professional responsibility that all of us attorneys are subject to,” Ingraham said.


Beyond his clear bias and conflicts of interest, Mueller’s testimony before two House committees could not have gone worse for him.

President Donald Trump dropped a bombshell that could potentially lead to Mueller behind bars.

The ex-special counsel got caught several times contradicting his own report.

Mueller also came under fire for lying about why he decided not to charge the president with a crime.

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