Source Provides Intimate Details On Melania’s Plans Now Since Donald Trump’s Indictment


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A “political source” who spoke to People magazine provided intimate details about the relationship between former President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump now that the 45th commander-in-chief has been indicted and will be arraigned on Tuesday.

“Melania and Donald were both shocked when they were told” about the indictment, People reported.

The source told the outlet: “They weren’t expecting it, but Melania will support him. That’s what she does. They are a family.”

Another source in Palm Beach, Fla., the location of the former first couple’s Mar-a-Lago estate, said that after they got word of the indictment by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, they did not change their social schedule and went ahead and dined with friends at their estate later that evening.

“Like usual, drama swirls around them, and they wade through it. It’s part of their lives,” the source said.

Also, Trump adviser Gina Loudon also stated that the Trumps behaved as though things were normal at the event. “Beautiful evening here at the gorgeous Mar a Lago!” she tweeted.


“Our REAL First Couple enveloped in the love of their friends and most loyal!” she added.

The UK’s Daily Mail quoted sources close to the former first couple who made similar observations about Melania.

“Mrs. Trump is strong. She is focused on her family and stands behind her husband, as she always has,” the source said. “For the past seven years, the left has made multiple attempts to smear and attack her family, and this is just the latest attempt to bring him down.”

The report went on to say that, on the day her husband was indicted, “Melania Trump wore a vivid red dress, making it easy to pick her out in the crowd.”

“For the former first lady, who often lets her clothes speak for her, it was a bold statement,” the DM wrote.

The outlet went on to report that neither Melania nor their son, Barron Trump, were seen among the entourage that accompanied the former president to New York, where he will be arraigned in a Manhattan courtroom Tuesday afternoon, according to reports.


After Donald Trump officially announced in November he would be running for the 2024 GOP nomination, Melania Trump spoke out about the decision.

“I support my husband’s decision to run for president of this wonderful Nation. His achievements during his administration had a great effect on all of us, and he can lead us toward success and prosperity again. I await the day when my husband returns to lead an America that is characterized by peace, love, and security,” she said, according to Breitbart News.

“America’s comeback starts right now,” the former president said to a room full of supporters at the time. “Unlike other presidents, I kept my promises.”

“The world was at peace, America was prospering, and our country was on track for an amazing future— because I made big promises to the American People and, unlike other Presidents, I kept my promises,” he added. “Under our leadership, we were a great and glorious nation, something you haven’t heard for quite a long period of time. We were a strong nation, and importantly we were a free nation. Now, we are a nation in decline. We are a failing nation.”

According to reports, Trump is expected in court at around 2:15 p.m. EDT on Tuesday.

Judge Juan Merchan, who is overseeing Trump’s case, ruled late on Monday night that he will allow five pool photographers to snap for several minutes before the arraignment formally begins. However, the judge declared that no cameras would be allowed in the courtroom.

“That this indictment involves a matter of monumental significance cannot possibly be disputed. Never in the history of the United States has a sitting or past President been indicted on criminal charges,” Merchan said.

The judge said he “needed to balance other interests” and that no electronic devices would be allowed in either the primary or overflow courtrooms.

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