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N.J. Dem Rep. Bill Parscale Jr. Says Trump Should be Tried For ‘Crimes Against Our Nation And Constitution’

Things are about to get very, very ugly.

According to The Independent, one top Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives says that Joe Biden’s Justice Department should try to launch a criminal probe targeting President Donald Trump once he leaves office.

New Jersey Democrat Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr. baselessly claimed that Trump committed “treason” in office and said that Trump should somehow be investigated for criminal behavior by Joe Biden’s administration.

Pascrell said that a failure to do so would embolden “criminality by our national leaders” and continue “America down the path of lawlessness and authoritarianism.”

The congressman claimed Trump had committed “innumerable crimes” and said the president should be held accountable for when he leaves office.

“He has endangered our national security,” Pascrell said. “He ripped families apart. He poisoned the Census. He has personally profited from his office. He has attacked our elections and sought to throttle democracy. He was rightly impeached by the House of Representatives. He has engaged in treachery, in treason. He has all but given up on governing and protecting our nation and if he had a shred of dignity he would resign today.”

Pascrell said that the U.S. Justice Department and others should investigate the entire Trump administration next year and that any effort by the president to pardon his aides should be considered “obstruction of justice” and a self-pardon would be illegal.

“Donald Trump along with his worst enablers must be tried for their crimes against our nation and Constitution,” Pascrell said. “Failure to hold financial and political wrongdoing accountable in the past has invited greater malfeasance by bad actors. A repeat of those failures in 2021 further emboldens criminality by our national leaders and continues America down the path of lawlessness and authoritarianism. There must be accountability.”

Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz called Pascrell’s statement “disgusting” for trying to promote targeting Trump and his allies.

Gaetz says that throwing Trump officials in jail has been the radical left’s goal from the very beginning.

“This is now the Left’s goal — throw President Trump, his administration officials, his family, and his supporters in prison. This is where we are now. Disgusting,” Gaetz said.

Needless to say, this kind of talk is absolutely crazy.

There is no evidence to suggest that President Trump or his administration officials committed treason of any kind.

And yet, the end goal of Democrats seems to be to put Trump and his allies in jail.