Is Your ‘Head So Far Up Your A** That You Can’t Hear?’ Bongino Slams WaPo Reporter


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Conservative commentator Dan Boningo did not mince his words when speaking with a Washington Post reporter about a story over his vaccine status.

Just before Christmas, Washington Post reporter Jeremy Barr ran a story about the stalemate between Bongino and Cumulus Media, which syndicates The Dan Bongino Show.

Back in October, Bongino threatened to break with Cumulus over the company’s vaccine mandate.

“So Cumulus, for some stupid reason, thought it would be a really good idea to do a vaccine mandate,” he stated on-air at the time. “Why they would do that, I have no idea.” The host said that “this is going to be an entirely untenable situation going forward” and threatened to quit.

Bongino, who is vaccinated, said he went off the air for almost two weeks to protest Cumulus’ vaccine mandate.


Barr reported in his story that when Bongino returned to air in November, he told listeners, “We’re at a stalemate here” and that he and Cumulus “basically got guns to each other’s heads.”

Barr wrote:

A lot has happened since then, but not much has changed for Bongino and his bosses. He is still hosting the same show, even though Cumulus Media does not appear to have changed its mandate. That’s led some radio hosts and industry observers to question Bongino’s commitment to his ultimatum. Talk radio historian Brian Rosenwald said “there was a stunt element to it.”

On the day that the story was published, Bongino emailed Barr a response to the story and he did not mince his words.

Bongino wrote:

Are you a dipshit all the time, or just on weekdays? Do you even listen to my show where I explained what’s going on? Or is your oddly shaped head so far up your ass that you can’t hear? Given that you’re a chump, and a coward, who has never stood for a single thing in your entire sorry life, I’m not surprised you left out all of the relevant details of the story. Lose my email, and don’t bother contacting me again. Thanks, and have a Merry Christmas. Off to the spam file labeled “media dipshits” you go.


Back in November, Bongino appeared on Fox News and slammed vaccine mandates as part of an “endless push towards socialism” and this is “all about them taking custody of you.”

“You get your power from us,” he raged, referencing the White House. “It’s consent of the governed. It’s the power of the people. We give you authority. You don’t give us a damn thing!”

“But you know what’s going to fix this? When you understand the fact that this is your country, not theirs,” he proclaimed. “We outnumber them. The consent of the governed matters and we revoke our consent.”


He continued: “Once you realize that, then you have the power, not them. And we take it back through mass disobedience. Everything will change, I promise you.”

Fox News Primetime guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy agreed with Bongino.

“I agree 100 percent with that,” she responded.

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