Gov. Abbott Orders Texas National Guard To Help With Migrant Arrests At Border


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Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott continues to prove that he will do what Joe Biden’s administration refuses to in order to combat the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Abbott is ramping up his efforts to mitigate the unprecedented number of migrants coming into Texas.

Abbott revealed in a statement that he has ordered the Texas National Guard to assist law enforcement in arresting migrants at the border who break state laws.

“To respond to this disaster and secure the rule of law at our Southern border, more manpower is needed — in addition to the troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and soldiers from the Texas National Guard I have already deployed there — and DPS needs help in arresting those who are violating state law,” Abbott said in a letter to Major Gen. Tracy R. Norris of the Texas Military Department.


“I hereby order that the Texas National Guard assist DPS in enforcing Texas law by arresting lawbreakers at the border,” Abbott added in his letter.

“The move is the latest in Abbott’s efforts to control what he has declared a disaster in several border counties, which he says has been brought on by the Biden administration’s lax immigration enforcement. Border authorities have stopped hundreds of thousands of migrants trying to cross into the United States through its southwestern border, including 188,829 attempted crossings in June. That number was the highest of the year, beating the previous high of 180,641 set in May,” Government Executive reported.

Earlier this month, Abbott announced that Texas will build a border wall along the state’s boundary with Mexico rather than wait for the federal government to actually address the border crisis.


Abbott announced the news while discussing a slew of border initiatives, such as a $1 billion allocation for border security in the state budget lawmakers just passed and a plan to establish a Governor’s Task Force on Border and Homeland Security with public safety and state government officials.

At the conference, Abbott also announced plans to increase arrests along the border — and increase space inside local jails.

Abbott also went scorched earth on Joe Biden over his failure at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Abbott said that officials are going to start arresting and jailing border crossers in Texas.


Last month, Abbott declared a state of emergency in response to the escalating immigration crisis facing the Biden administration.

With an unprecedented surge in immigration, Abbott issued a disaster declaration along the state’s southern border with Mexico to provide additional resources and strategies to combat the ongoing influx of illegal aliens entering the United States.

“Texas continues to step up to confront the border crisis in the federal government’s absence, but more must be done,” Abbott stated.

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton is also suing Biden’s administration for allegedly releasing Covid-infected illegal aliens into the United States.


Paxton accused Biden of putting Texans “at-risk” with an influx of migrants who have coronavirus.

Paxton said the Biden Administration “adopted this policy of open borders and they’re sticking with it despite the consequences of the spread of COVID, human trafficking, increase in drug trafficking, and an increase of crime and just general chaos.”

Paxton said Texas will take legal action against the Biden administration.

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