Ivanka Trump Traveled to Maui, Where She Provided Food, Supplies After Deadly Wildfire


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Ivanka Trump quietly traveled to Maui recently, outside of the limelight, to provide food and other supplies to residents who were affected by the deadly wildfires that swept across a large swath of the island in early August.

According to an exclusive report by the  UK’s Daily Mail, Ivanka joined CityServe International on a humanitarian mission to distribute 250,000 prepackaged meals to displaced families in Lahaina.

“They visited a Lahaina church that is acting as a food pantry and met with residents who are working to rebuild their lives,” the report said. “Dressed in a blank tank top and green cargo pants, Trump wore a name tag that read ‘Iva’ as she distributed fresh produce locally grown in Maui.”

While on Maui, Ivanka handed out fresh vegetables and other food while also delivering prepackaged meals, the report said.

“Her humble presence lifted spirits and reminded the people of Lahaina that they are not forgotten,” CityServe noted in a statement. “Amidst the tears being shed are tangible signs of hope and love, and with the arrival of meals and supplies, our partners and team alongside Ivanka, were hefting boxes of supplies, consoling survivors, and passing out meals to those who’ve lost everything.”

The report said there are about 6,000 displaced residents who are now living in hotels, while another 1,100 or so are staying in Airbnb accommodations.

The Daily Mail noted further:


Ivanka Trump and the group distributed food, water, local produce, gift cards, and other needed supplies to displaced families and individuals staying at hotels, local distribution centers, and pantries near Lahaina, CityServe said.

The group is also providing gas cards and air filters to residents, who are being advised not to drink the water and to stay away from fire-damaged areas.

Trump also used her connections to get other companies to donate goods to those in Maui, according to CityServe.

Next week, a 747 filled with $1 million worth of supplies will head toward Maui with e-bikes, electric scooters, electronics, toys, dry foods, small appliances, ukuleles, and several pallets of Jockey clothing – ‘all because of Ivanka’s connection,’ the group said.

The area of Maui that was burned is still off-limits to most residents and accessible only to authorized personnel who are still cleaning up the potentially dangerous debris. Reports said that there is an estimated 2,200 destroyed or damaged structures.

Overall, the cleanup is likely to take months. Early cost estimates put it at around $5.5 billion.


The former first daughter has said she doesn’t want any part of her father’s 2024 presidential campaign or politics in general as she continues to transition her life into other interests.

One of which, apparently, is learning how to pilot a helicopter.

Ivanka posted a short video to her Instagram showing her flying a helo over a body of water as the song “Learnin’ to Fly” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers played.

The UK’s Express speculated that she was flying off the coast of Florida, where she and her husband, Jared Kushner, live.

The British tabloid went on to note that her ‘pilot uniform’ for the day was a Dolce and Gabbana Majolica-floral dress.


In another photo posted to her IG page, Ivanka is wearing a one-piece bathing suit and carrying a surfboard captioned: “Soaking up the summer solstice.”


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A recent report in People noted that Ivanka has sought out and embraced a more private life.

“Ivanka is spending precious time with her husband and her children, doing what she loves most, being a mother,” an unnamed source reportedly told the magazine. “She feels there is no better way to honor her late mother than to nurture and love on her own children.”

Her mother, Ivana Trump, passed away on July 14, 2022.

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