Jesse Watters Rips Into Jack Smith Over His Past Following Trump Indictments


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Fox News host Jesse Watters tore into Special Counsel Jack Smith for indicting former President Donald Trump in two separate cases.

During a segment of his program, Watters called Smith a “nervous wreck” after he unsealed Trump’s grand jury indictment while reminding viewers of Smith’s troubled legal history before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Smith obtained a four-count indictment against Trump concerning his actions to challenge the outcome of the 2020 election. They include willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and false statements.

In June, Smith had secured a 37-count indictment against Trump following a quick investigation into allegations involving classified documents. On Thursday, a superseding indictment was issued, which also included charges against Carlos De Oliveira, a maintenance worker at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate owned by former President Trump.

“That was Special Counsel Jack Smith, who looked like a bedraggled nervous wreck, dripping with anger and highly emotional,” Watters said after showing a clip of Smith’s press conference earlier in the day announcing the new charges.


“The last time Jack Smith charged a politician, the case was so weak, it got tossed out of the Supreme Court unanimously. The Biden Justice Department is using obscure federal statutes to put a former president in prison for the rest of his life,” Watters told viewers.

Watters was referring to a case where Smith prosecuted then-Republican Gov. Bob McDowell of Virginia over receiving gifts, securing a conviction that the Supreme Court unanimously threw out.

“These charges are not bribery, not assault, not tax evasion, not sex trafficking. They’re charging Donald Trump under the Act of 1866,” Watters said. “It was used against the [Ku Klux] Klan and now they are using it against Trump.”


Alina Habba, an attorney and Trump’s legal spokeswoman, said on “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” that the accumulation of charges and the impending trial schedule is “literally impossible,” and it’s all on purpose.


“The reason they keep filing [charges] … is because they don’t really care if they win,” Habba told Higbie. “They don’t really care if these cases have merit. They care about tying him up so that he can’t be out there doing what he needs to do on the campaign. And if we look at the trial schedule that we have coming, it’s literally impossible. It’s not about the legal team. It’s just the people that need to be there — the witnesses, the depositions … it’s impossible, and that’s by design.”

“But you know, they picked the wrong guy. He is resilient, he is wealthy, and he is strong — and he loves this country, and it only motivates him and his base,” she added.

“It’s just so obvious what they’re doing. I think they will never stop pushing because they can’t control President Trump. They see people who are Republicans as a threat to the Constitution in our country. But I’m pretty sure that these individuals don’t love our country. They cannot possibly love our country because they’re dividing it,” Habba said.


“Let’s be clear. The Jack Smiths and the Fani Willises and the D.A. Braggs and the Letitia Jameses, if they could have it their way, they would have all trials the same week. It’s unrealistic, it’s ridiculous and it’s obvious. So what I think is happening is the judges will have to fight it amongst themselves. You cannot have 1 defendant in multiple cases.”

“But if you do look at the timeline as you mentioned, every single event, every single event from the indictment to the rushed grand jury, years after the events took place when they didn’t need to rush it, they could have had it two years ago, every single thing says very clearly, Joe Biden doesn’t know what he is doing in office, so let’s distract America so that all we talk about is President Trump and these hoaxes. That’s really all they are. So we are going to obviously argue that it’s impossible for one person to be in four different places. We’re going to argue that this is election interference,” Habba added.

“And then we will take a look at each individual person and say, ‘You ran for office based on the fact that you said you would get Trump, and so did you and so did you, and now we need our Constitution and due process to step in and do its part.’ If we don’t have fair judges, unfortunately, we won’t get this. So, we have a great team, I love our legal team right now. I feel strong and the president feels strong. We will take each one head-on,” she continued.

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