Investigation Shows How Involved Nancy Pelosi’s Office Was With January 6 Security


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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was apparently very involved in the security for the Capitol prior to the incident prior to the certification of the 2020 presidential election. Text messages and emails reveal that the Speaker’s office had regular meetings about the security detail for January 6, 2021, the Daily Wire reported.

The report said that the Speaker’s office “helped edit authorities’ plans, and turned down several requests from federal law enforcement needed to protect the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“Reps. Jim Banks (R-IN), Rodney Davis (R-IL), Troy Nehls (R-TX), Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) independently published a 141-page investigative report on Wednesday outlining what they describe as House Democratic leadership and Capitol authorities’ failures that left the complex vulnerable,” it said.

“Democrats and the Jan. 6 Committee used the Capitol Police as a political prop, then did nothing when USCP officers were harassed for telling the truth. They should be ashamed,” Rep. Banks, who led the investigation after he was banned from participating in the January 6 Select Committee, said to The Federalist.

Republicans showed how the Speaker’s office coordinated with law enforcement prior to the incident and how Democrats were concerned about the optics of increased police and National Guard presence.

“I have no power over the Capitol Police. Does anybody not know that? The Capitol Police have responded to that gentleman’s allegation, and that stands as what it is. But I have no power over the police,” she said in February.


“This is false,” Republicans said as they said that their investigation and witnesses showed how “then-House Sergeant of Arms Paul Irving carried out his duties in clear deference to the Speaker, her staff, and other Democratic staff.”

“The [House sergeant at arms] had a pattern of and practice of seeking and obtaining permission from the Speaker for all security decisions,” Republicans said.

“Staff within the House Sergeant at Arms office emailed Paul Irving that January 6th was Pelosi’s fault,” Republicans said.

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The Federalist reported.

While officers were denied reinforcements from the National Guard until the Capitol was already under siege, the same officers left to defend the complex were practically defenseless. One unnamed officer told Republican investigators he or she was left to defend lawmakers with nothing but a baseball cap after leadership gave 15-year-old gear to new recruits.

A Department of Justice memo included in a June Judicial Watch lawsuit revealed that on Jan. 6, Capitol Police operated with “less than half” of what’s “usually assigned” for the House’s “normal staffing for a joint session.”

According to the GOP report, Capitol Police are still operating on a slim staff, more than 100 officers short of the authorized cap of 2,072.


Citing an agency inspector general report, Republican investigators noted that officers fought to protect the Capitol on Jan. 6 with expired munitions and compromised equipment. For example, “officers witness riot shields shattering on impact.”

It comes on the same week she sent a letter to Congress in which she requested that they all be present in person on Wednesday for a “very special session.”

“As you know, tomorrow we are scheduled to resume session to complete our business for the year. I am following up on the Leader’s notice of the schedule by encouraging all Members to be physically present at our session Wednesday night. We are ending a very special session of the 117th Congress with legislation that makes progress for the American people as well as support for our Democracy.  Please be present for a very special focus on Democracy Wednesday night,” Pelosi said.

On Wednesday, she shared a letter that she sent to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in which she invited him to come to Congress.

“Dear Mr. President,” she said to begin the correspondence. It is with immense respect and admiration for your extraordinary leadership that I extend on behalf of bipartisan Congressional leadership an invitation to address a Joint Meeting of Congress on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. America and the world are in awe of the heroism of the Ukrainian people.  In the face of Putin’s horrific atrocities, Ukrainian freedom fighters have inspired the world with an iron will and an unbreakable spirit — fighting back against Russia’s brutal, unjustified invasion,” Pelosi said.

“During this dark moment, your courageous, patriotic, indefatigable leadership has rallied not only your people, but the world, to join the frontlines of the fight for freedom.  America and our allies have proudly answered your call: imposing devastating sanctions on Putin and ensuring Ukraine has the resources it needs to win this war.  And it was a privilege to hear from you and from Speaker Stefanchuk at the First Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform about how the importance of the free world’s unshakable solidarity with Ukraine,” she said.

“The fight for Ukraine is the fight for democracy itself.  We look forward to hearing your inspiring message of unity, resilience, and determination.  Thank you for your leadership and consideration of this request,” she added.