Fmr Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Victorious In Court Battle Against Liberal Group


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Former President Donald Trump’s former attorney Jenna Ellis will keep her law license after being censured by a Colorado judge regarding her comments on the previous presidential election.

Judge Bryon M. Large said that Ellis “repeatedly made misrepresentations on national television and on Twitter, undermining the American public’s confidence in the 2020 presidential election,” CBN reported. Ellis’ legal team did acknowledge misrepresentation but did not agree that she committed fraud, dishonesty, or deceit, as several news organizations claimed.

The Christian conservative attorney denied those reports in a message on Twitter.

“The politically-motivated Left failed miserably in their attempt to destroy me. They’re now trying to falsely discredit me by saying I admitted I lied. That is FALSE. I would NEVER lie. Lying requires INTENTIONALLY making a false statement. I never did that, nor did I stipulate to or admit that,” she said.


“As has become sadly typical, the opposition-controlled media is intentionally twisting the truth, conflating the full RPC standard with the actual stipulation. The standard reads, ‘dishonesty, fraud, deceit, OR misrepresentation.’ The Colorado bar counsel and my counsel concluded that it was best to resolve the bar complaints by agreeing to a public censure,” Ellis said.

“Bar complaints have been filed all over the country by people Trump lawyers have never met, had no client relationship with, and who are totally partisan against Trump. This is and always was political lawfare to intimidate lawyers from representing Trump or Republicans candidates, especially in election challenges and try to destroy our livelihood and reputation. Organizations filing complaints have been open about this motivation,” she said.

“I am grateful to have this behind me, thankful to the Colorado OARC and the PDJ for treating me fairly in spite of immense political pressure and to my lawyers who have stood by me and given me wise counsel, and I remain in good standing and fully licensed in the State of Colorado,” the attorney said.

“I’ll continue speaking truth to the best of my ability and zealously advocating for due process, having learned I can do so in media even more carefully, while NEVER backing down to the political opposition mob who would seek to destroy me, my vocation, my mission, and my voice. Not today. Not ever,” she said.


CBN reported:

The legal action was brought by the controversial 65 Project, a group made up of many lawyers and politicians who have publicly stated their opposition to Donald Trump. They have been seeking penalties, such as suspension and disbarment against attorneys who they say made dubious election claims…

The 65 Project has come under criticism for pursuing bar investigations in such a public fashion complete with a media rollout. Normally, these disputes occur in private.


Beyond being targeted by the 65 Project, Ellis, who has been a fierce defender of Judeo-Christian principles on her social media platforms, was up against a judge who has been sympathetic to the LGBT community. Judge Large proudly displays a plaque with the pronouns, “he/him” on his public desk. He’s been actively involved in the LGBT community throughout his career, having been previously named Attorney of the Year by the Colorado LGBT Bar Association.

“This was politically motivated from the start from Democrats and Never Trumpers,” Ellis said to CBN News. “They ultimately failed in their attempt to deprive me of my bar license. I’m glad to have this behind me and remain in good standing in the State of Colorado.”

Ellis achieved victory against a fairly liberal judge who has the pronouns “he/him” in a plaque on his desk and was named Attorney of the Year by the Colorado LGBT Bar Association,” CBN News reported.


“My client remains a practicing attorney in good standing in the State of Colorado. In a very heated political climate, we have secured the correct outcome,” her attorney Michael Melito said.

Jenna’s victory is not only a victory for her, it is a victory for anyone who believes in the rule of law. It is a victory for anyone that believes that everyone deserves representation in a court of law. And it is a victory for those who continue to believe that no American should be persecuted for their politics


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