Jesse Watters Reacts to Poll Showing 44% of Dems Don’t Want Biden to Run In 2024


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Fox News host Jesse Watters delivered an interesting take on Tuesday regarding Joe Biden’s chances of re-election in 2024.

During a segment on “The Five,” Watters and the panel began discussing a new poll that found 44% of Democrats want another person to run in 2024 besides Biden.

“The Democrats – I know, because I know Democrats – they want power. That’s the most important thing. So this poll acknowledges it,” Watters said.


The NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National poll, referenced by Watters, found that 44% of Democrats want someone else to be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

“They [Democrats] don’t think that Joe Biden can win re-election,” Watters continued. “They think his presidency is so far costing them power in the house. Democrats obviously want their agenda enacted and so far Joe Biden has not really been effective in enacting their agenda.”

The host then added, “Democrats want to be inspired. That’s why Democrats usually vote for the guy that sends the thrill down their leg … Is Joe Biden inspiring Democrats? No. He can barely make it through a speech on a teleprompter. He’s boring and threatening their hold on power.”



The poll referenced by Watters showed that 44 percent of respondents believe that someone other than Biden would have the best chance to win in the 2024 election versus 36 percent who believed Biden had the best chance.


Just 20 percent said they were not certain.

For Republicans, 50 percent believe that Donald Trump has the best chance of winning in 2024, 35 percent said they would prefer another nominee, and 14 percent were not certain.

“It’s difficult to find an analog for a political party saying, preemptively, that it would prefer to replace a president with a new nominee in the following election. In 2010, shortly before Democrats lost big in the election that year, Gallup gave Democrats a choice in a rematch between incumbent Obama and Hillary Clinton as their 2012 nominee. They still picked Obama 52 percent to 37 percent,” The Washington Post said of the poll.

A recent poll also found that Kamala Harris is not too popular.


A project from The Los Angeles Times that tracks opinion polls from around the nation showed that she is less popular than President Biden and many of her own predecessors.

“As of Oct. 26, 42% of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris and 51% had an unfavorable opinion — a net rating of -9 percentage points, according to a Times average,” The Times said.

Since taking office, Harris has been assigned one of the administration’s thorniest issues: stemming the influx of immigrants attempting to cross U.S. borders. Republicans have sought to make her the face of an issue that they believe could help them politically.


After taking on that role, Harris’ approval ratings began to decline, with unfavorable opinions surpassing favorable ones in June. Whether the decline is directly related to the immigration debate is uncertain, however, as the dip in her approval also corresponds to a small decline in President Biden’s job approval.

The dip followed an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, where Harris bristled at a question about why she had not visited the border, triggering criticism. Comments about immigration and the United States’ southern border during visits to Mexico and Guatemala have also sparked controversy.

But what is even more telling is that Harris is far less popular than many of the vice presidents that came before her.

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