Jesse Watters Tears Into Government Hearings, Tells Republicans To Actually ‘Do Something’


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Fox News host Jesse Watters is frustrated with the fact that it appears that no matter what people do against conservatives there is rarely punishment. It happened during an episode of “The Five” on Thursday when he went nuclear on the lack of Democrat bureaucrats and officeholders who have been arrested.

The panel was talking about the first hearing on the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government as Republicans want to prove that the government has been targeting conservatives.

The host spoke about Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley saying that he received FBI “whistleblower disclosures” that claimed to have “voluminous evidence with the respect to potentially criminal conduct” by both President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and brother James.

The senator said that the information he has shown that President Biden knew of his son’s business dealings and “may have been involved in some of them.”

“And no one’s even talking about it!” the host said. “You wanna know why? Because everybody already knows that! Everybody already knows all of this stuff! So, what is the endgame here?”

“We get screwed, then we have a hearing,” he said. “Nothing happens. We get screwed again. We have a hearing. Nothing happens.”

To date, no smoking gun evidence has been presented to prove that President Biden knew of or benefitted from his son’s business dealings.

He then spoke about FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was picked by former President Donald Trump after he fired former FBI Director James Comey, and how, if elected in 2024, Trump would have a tough time replacing Wray.

“Trump gets elected,” the host said. “What’s he gonna, go in there and fire Chris Wray? Last time anybody did that, he got impeached for it, and he got a special counsel down his throat.”


For reference, neither of the former president’s impeachments was for firing Comey.

“So, we have an FBI dictatorship here. You either fire him and die or you can’t touch him and you still die,” the host said.

“I’m sick of these hearings,” he said. “Make me feel better, guys. Tell me this is going somewhere. Can I throw someone in prison? Can someone go to jail, Can someone get fined?”

His co-host Jeanine Pirro said that she believed that there is not “an objective Department of Justice.”

“We don’t have it!” Watters shouted. “They’re under investigation, we don’t have an objective anything anymore!”

“Just very quickly,” his Democrat co-host Jessica Tarlov said. “You guys got the Durham investigation, which was supposed to blow the lid off–”

“Exactly!” Watters interrupted.

“–and it ended up with nothing because there is nothing,” Tarlov said.

“Stop!” Watters said. “You guys admitted you planted the [Steele] dossier!”

“What?!” Tarlov said.

“You admitted you framed him as a traitor and you want to investigate our investigation? We’re investigating the investigators!” he said.


“We don’t live in the same world. It’s just crazy,” the liberal co-host said.

“Exactly, your world’s fake,” Watters insisted.

“My world is winning,” Tarlov said.

“We’re following the facts!” Watters said.

“We are winning,” Tarlov needled.

“You guys are corrupt. You robbed my vote!” Watters said before co-host Greg Gutfeld said “This is the best” and Tarlov shouted “You voted in New York!”

“What are you talking about?! Go to break! Judge, tell ’em to go to break!” a frustrated Watters said to end the segment.

A Louisiana Republican member of the House strongly suggested that former Twitter executives may face arrest during a combative hearing on Wednesday.

“You, ladies and gentlemen, interfered in the United States of America 2020 presidential election,” admonished Rep. Clay Higgins in a viral video clip posted to social media. “Knowingly and willingly. That’s the bad news, it’s gonna get worse. Because this is the investigation part. Later comes the arrest part.”

He added: “Your attorneys are familiar with that. Mr. Chairman, I’d like to spend five hours with these ladies and gentlemen doing depositions that are surely yet to come, but for right now, I yield the balance of my time.”

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