Jill Biden Brushes Off Concerns About Joe Biden’s Mental Fitness


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Jill Biden brushed off concerns about Joe Biden’s mental fitness, calling them “ridiculous.”

During an interview for this week’s “CBS Sunday Morning,” the first lady sat down at Camp David with Rita Braver.

“I think that’s ridiculous,” Biden said when asked about a new poll showing that an overwhelming percentage of Americans question Joe Biden’s mental fitness.

Despite many Americans concerned about Joe Biden’s mental health, Jill Biden acted as if there was no reason to be worried, which is concerning.

“Quite a few Americans have some questions about the president’s current mental fitness,” Braver said while Biden shook her head.

Biden also said her role as the first lady is more difficult than she predicted.

“It’s a little harder than I imagined,” Biden said in a preview clip when asked if she was prepared for what the role would be like.

“It’s not like a job that you do,” Biden told Braver. “It’s a lifestyle that you live.”

“It’s not something that you leave at 5 o’clock or at 3 o’clock,” Biden said. “It’s 24 hours a day. And I knew this was not the right moment for it. But that doesn’t mean it might not get passed somewhere down the future.”



A Politico/Morning Consult survey conducted last month found that only 46 percent of respondents agree that 79-year-old Biden “is mentally fit,” while 48 percent disagreed.

A Thursday survey from NPR/Marist found that Biden’s approval ratings have dropped to 42 percent, tied for the lowest he’s ever polled.

“What’s more, the intensity of disapproval is high — 38% said they strongly disapprove of Biden,” writes NPR. “That’s close to the territory that President Donald Trump resided in during his term.”

An explosive new poll reveals that most Americans do not believe Joe Biden will run for a second term in office.

According to a survey from Quinnipiac, 54 percent of Americans don’t think Biden will seek re-election in 2024.

The poll found:

-Americans were asked about whether they’d be more or less likely to vote for a candidate who was endorsed by Joe Biden. Overall, 16 percent say they would be more likely to vote for the candidate, 29 percent say less likely, and 53 percent say it doesn’t make a difference.

-Among Democrats, 42 percent say they will be more likely to vote for the candidate, 53 percent say it doesn’t make a difference, and 3 percent say less likely.

-A majority of Americans, 54 – 33 percent, say they think Joe Biden will not run for president in 2024, with another 13 percent not offering an opinion.

-Just under half of Americans (48 percent) say they think it would be bad for the country if Joe Biden ran for president in 2024, while 37 percent think it would be good for the country.


A report came out last month suggesting that Donald Trump is going to be running for president in 2024.

Trump “has told at least three people he’s dined within recent months that he plans to run in 2024,” Rolling Stone reported.

One former Republican National Committee official told Rolling Stone: “I have three friends who’ve had dinner with him in the last couple of months. All three reported that his current plans are to run for president in 2024. Now, whether he does or not is a different issue. We’ve still got three years to go. But he’s telling people that.”

“Now, whether he does or not is a different issue,” the official added. “We’ve still got three years to go. But he’s telling people that.”

Former Bill Clinton aide Dick Morris says it’s “obvious” that Donald Trump will win in 2024.

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In a video posted to his website, Morris said the Republican nominee in 2024 is named Trump and no one else can come close to touching him.

“If Donald Trump runs, and I’m pretty certain that he will, he is going to win the Republican nomination, period,” Morris said.

Steve Bannon, who served as the chief White House strategist for President Trump, also made a huge prediction.

“Donald J. Trump is running again in 2024, there’s absolutely no doubt about that,” he said.

“This movement is on the march. Donald Trump is going to run for president again and I gotta tell you, he’s not gonna be stopped by a bunch of pencil necks in New York City that are putting up these trumped-up charges to try to stop him, it’s only gonna empower him,” Bannon said.