Jordan Demands Investigation Into Pelosi, Wants To Know Her Role At Capitol


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Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan is calling for an investigation into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

While briefly speaking to CNN reporter Manu Raju, Jordan was asked about the Democrat-led January 6 Commission that will investigate the events at the U.S. Capitol.

Jordan wasted little time saying the investigation was nothing more than a witch hunt aimed at going after Donald Trump.

He also said the Commission should investigate Pelosi and what she knows about what happened on Jan. 6.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

RAJU: “Mr. Jordan, what do you hope to accomplish on the Republican side of this investigation?”


JORDAN: “You know what this is about. This is about going after President Trump, you know. I mean, the Democrats, they don’t want to talk about anything else so they got to talk about this. They don’t want to talk about the crime that’s going on in every major urban area. They don’t want to talk about the crisis at the border. They don’t want to talk about the price — the fact that the price of everything has gone up, the price of eggs has went up, the price of milk has went up, the price of lumber has went up, the price of airline tickets is up, the price of used cars — everything has gone up. They don’t want to talk about all that so they’ve got to talk about how we’re going to go after President Trump for a third time.”


New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik is calling for “radical authoritarian” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be fired after the latest stunt from Democrats.

Pelosi rejected the appointments of Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Jim Banks to the January 6 Commission.

Soon after Pelosi rejected Jordan and Banks, Stefanik tore into Pelosi.


“Nancy Pelosi is a radical authoritarian Speaker. The Pelosi partisan January 6 commission was never about investigating the facts, it was only ever about Pelosi’s radical politics and the Left’s endless obsession with crushing any discussion or debate. What is Nancy Pelosi so afraid of?” Stefanik said.

“She is afraid of the American people finding out the truth that her failed leadership and the gross mismanagement of the U.S. Capitol led to the tragic events that day. It is time to Fire Pelosi once and for all. I have no doubt that after the next November, Nancy Pelosi will never, ever hold the Speaker’s gavel again. She will make history as the most despised Speaker of the House who will be fired not once, but twice. And it can’t come soon enough,” she added.

Pelosi announced her rejection of the appointments in a press release on her website.

“Monday evening, the Minority Leader recommended 5 Members to serve on the Select Committee.  I have spoken with him this morning about the objections raised about Representatives Jim Banks and Jim Jordan and the impact their appointments may have on the integrity of the investigation. I also informed him that I was prepared to appoint Representatives Rodney Davis, Kelly Armstrong, and Troy Nehls, and requested that he recommend two other Members.

“With respect for the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth and with concern about statements made and actions taken by these Members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives Banks and Jordan to the Select Committee,” she said.

“The unprecedented nature of January 6th demands this unprecedented decision,” Pelosi claimed.

Jordan responded to her rejection of his appointment.

“Speaker Pelosi just admitted the obvious, that the January 6th Select Committee is nothing more than a partisan political charade,” he said.

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