Juan Williams Seemingly Calls Trump an ‘Idiot,’ Jesse Watters Defends President

Everyone knows that Fox News host Juan Williams is a liberal who uses most of his airtime to attack President Donald Trump and Republicans.

But Williams recently created quite a stir when he called Trump an “idiot” during a segment on The Five, and c0-host Jesse Waters made him pay dearly for it.

The segment heated up after Williams called Trump an “idiot” during a debate about Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, who was the first Republican in Congress to call for Trump’s impeachment.

“I think if we invited Donald Trump to the table to play poker with ‘The Five,’ I’d take his money big time,” Williams said.

“It’s like a poker player and he keeps blinking. He’s like, ‘I know what’s going on.’ He thinks Joe Biden is a threat in Pennsylvania. That’s why he’s attacking Joe Biden like that,” Williams added. “He’s not attacking Kamala Harris. He’s not going after anybody else. He’s going after Joe Biden, he’s going after the media sometimes…”

“He’s going after Justin Amash. Why? There’s a Republican whose finally saying it’s time to impeach this idiot. Yes, this is no coincidence,” Williams said.

This got a “whoa” from panelist Dana Perino and a more full-throated correction from Jesse Watters.

“He’s not an idiot, Juan,” Watters said. “He’s the president of the United States.”


Williams pushing completely false information on The Five is another example of how Fox News is clearly changing.

The network has clearly shifted more towards the Left, several hosts and guests continue to attack Trump with leftist talking points, and a few top figures have already left the network in recent months.

Fox News star Catherine Herridge announced last week that she is leaving the network and will be joining CBS News.

Last month, anchor Shepherd Smith left the network after Fox executives reportedly warned him to stop attacking Trump and his colleagues or he could be fired.

Before that, details from a Fox News meeting leaked and revealed network hosts Chris Wallace and Martha MacCallum apparently went after Trump during a closed-door meeting.

It certainly seems as if Fox News is being run by liberals who are desperately trying to help take down Trump and prevent him from serving a second term in office.