Judge Jeanine Drops Bombshell About Epstein That Should Terrify Bill Clinton

Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of the few anchors at Fox News who is unafraid to tell the truth, even when it could put her career in jeopardy.

And that’s what she did over the weekend when she said one thing about alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein that should terrify former President Bill Clinton.

During a segment on her Fox program, Pirro called on Attorney General William Barr to aggressively investigate those who were associated with Epstein — and that’s bad news for Clinton.

Pirro also called on Barr to condemned former Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, who gave Epstein a sweetheart plea agreement following prostitution charges in 2007.

Breitbart reports:

Pirro called for Attorney General William Barr to give scrutiny to former Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta’s handling of a 2007 plea agreement with Epstein he made while U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

She said Barr’s handling of this would impact the public’s view of the “American system of justice.”

“The only way to break this case is to bring those in power to their knees before the federal government,” Pirro said. “Bill Barr must monitor this case very closely. We already know Epstein was able to walk because of a U.S. Attorney who at best was more interested in his career than doing justice, and at worst was bought and a pawn of high-powered defense attorneys. Mr. Barr, the American people await your decision. That decision, Mr. Barr, will impact more than just the Epstein case. It will impact our faith in the American system of justice.”

Pirro’s point is that if Barr went after the powerful figures who were connected to Epstein, that would be bad news for the Clintons.

Epstein was arrested and charged last month for allegedly running a sex traffic ring with underage girls.

The Clinton family could find themselves in hot water given their disturbing connection to Epstein, which dates all the way back to when President Bill Clinton was in office in the mid-1990s.

In his statement, President Clinton claimed that he only began socializing with Epstein in 2002 and took just four flights aboard his “Lolita Express” private plane.

Both of those claims, according to records, are false.

Flight records indicate that Clinton was onboard the “Lolita Express” 26 times – five of those without his secret service detail.

Clinton lied — and he is in serious trouble over it.

The former president claimed he only traveled with Epstein a few times, but it was actually almost two dozen times.

He also ditched his Secret Service detail at least 5 times to go on trips with Epstein to go do things that were probably against the law and could have involved underage girls.

In fact, the Clinton family is so close to Epstein that one photo from Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding likely has the former first daughter furious.

And if Epstein kept any documents, logs, photographs, or videos of Clinton’s actions, they’re currently in the hands of the FBI.

That could mean very bad news for the Clintons, especially given they have a long history of mingling with the alleged pedophile.

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