Wrongly Convicted Man Who Spent Nearly 20 Years In Prison Blames Kamala Harris

A man who was wrongly convicted and spent nearly 20 years in prison says that Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris destroyed his life when she served as a district attorney in California.

Rafael Conley was wrongly convicted of attempted murder in Los Angeles County in 2002 and was serving 25 years to life when a federal judge dismissed the case and ordered him freed in 2009.

The judge ruled that Conley’s defense attorney was incompetent and failed to present evidence that would probably have led to a verdict of not guilty.

As noted by the Daily Mail, Conley is now publicly calling out Kamala for her past.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Conley describes Harris as an “opportunist” who only cares about advancing her career.

“I think she’s an opportunist at the highest degree just like the rest of them. They do certain things because it’s going to advance their careers – there’s no doubt about it,” Conley said.

He claims that she had evidence that would have set him free, but refused to do so.

Circumstances in Conley’s case were proven to be false and led to him being cleared.

But Harris allegedly stalled letting him out of prison.

“Had Kamala not played those games, I would have walked out of the prison I was in to go straight home,” Conley claimed.

“I would hope she’s learned from those mistakes. That’s all I can ask from her. Because you did ruin a life, you know. A few lives. A lot of lives. You’ve done that,” he added.

Here’s more from the Daily Mail on Harris’ role on the case:

As California Attorney General, she helped author a law that sent parents to jail if their offspring played truant – DailyMail.com can reveal the first parent to be convicted, Hanford mom Lorraine Cuevas, ended up losing custody of her kids to her mother as a result.

Notoriously, one of her final acts as San Francisco DA was to send the case of Caramad Conley, now 50, back to trial after he had been cleared of the 1989 double murder of Charles Hughes and Roshawn Johnson.

By then, Conley had spent 18 years in prison – including two stints in the skull-shaped Pelican Bay Supermax facility in Crescent City, California.

When Harris finally left to take up her position as California’s Attorney General, her successor’s first act was to release Conley from jail.

But wait, it gets even worse.

When Conley was released and the DA admitted he was innocent, he then had to spend years fighting with the California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board.

Back in 2013, the San Francisco Gate reported:

When someone in California is convicted of a crime he or she did not commit, the state is supposed to pay $100 compensation for every day the person spent behind bars. But the Sacramento-based board must approve the compensation, and it rarely does, as it almost always follows the recommendations of the attorney general.

Attorney General Kamala Harris has recommended that Madrigal’s $282,000 claim be denied, with an attorney in her office filing a brief that argues over the circumstances in the case dismissed by the federal judge in granting Madrigal’s release.

Consider that: Harris not only played a central role in Conley being jailed for two decades, she also reportedly fought to ensure that he did not get compensated for all the days he spent in a jail cell that he never should have been in.