Kamala Harris Defends Herself Amid Criticism Of Her Handling Of The Border

Written by Carmine Sabia

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

Kamala Harris has, so far, been an abject failure as the person appointed by Joe Biden to handle the border surge issue.

She has not visited the border, but she does have time to make excuses for why the situation is not as monumentally atrocious as it appears, Mediaite reported.

Vice President Kamala Harris defended her efforts to deal with the immigration crisis ever since President Joe Biden tasked her with addressing the ongoing situation at the U.S. southern border.

In an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Harris said she was approaching immigration as an issue from the perspective that “most people don’t want to leave home” unless they are forced to by desperate circumstances. She continued to say that in her diplomacy efforts with the Northern Triangle to address the root causes of immigration, “we have to give people some sense of hope that if they stay that help is on the way.”

As Harris spoke about the Biden administration’s efforts and calls she had with the heads of state in Central America, Bash asked her if she intends to travel to the Northern Triangle.

Harris said that she does intend to make the trip. “We’re working on the plan to get there. We have to deal with Covid issues, but I can’t get there soon enough in terms of personally getting there.”

Soon enough? She has been in charge of this situation for around a month and has not moved her feet a step closer to getting there.

She said that she will be holding a virtual trade mission and then an in person visit later to address the issues of farmers who have been hit hard by natural disasters in Mexico and El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

“We’re making progress, but it’s not going to evidence itself overnight. It will not. But it will be worth it, and I will tell you part of my approach to this is we’ve got to institutionalize the work and also internationalize it,” Harris said.

She said she is working with United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield to have other nations help stem the tide of migrants.

“Because, again, this is about the Western Hemisphere. We are a neighbor in the Western Hemisphere, and it is also about understanding that we have the capacity to actually get in there, if we are consistent,” Harris said.

And, on brand, she attacked Donald Trump and his administration for damaging ties with other nations and said that she and Biden are working to fix that.

“We have to rebuild it, and I’ve made it very clear to our team that this has to be a function of an American priority, and not just a function of whoever happens to be sitting in this chair,” she said.

One of the ways she apparently wants to deal with it is in an effort with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to have migrants plant trees.

We wish we were kidding but sadly we are not. The pair are scheduled to hold a virtual meeting on May 7 to discuss the tree planting program, The Daily Mail reported.

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López Obrador pitched his ‘Planting Life’ program, which aims to pay farmers to plant 1 billion fruit and timber trees in Mexico, to U.S. President Joe Biden at Thursday’s climate change summit. 

The program has been extended to El Salvador, and Mexico wants U.S. funding to further extend it to Honduras and Guatemala.

López Obrador claims the program can help prevent farmers from leaving their land and migrating to the United States. He has also proposed that the U.S. grant six-month work visas, and eventually citizenship, to some of those who participate in the program.