Kamala Harris Appears At Football Game As Border Crisis Continues


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As the migrant crisis at the border rages one question has been on the minds of many. Where is the woman Joe Biden placed in charge of “the migration challenge” at the border, Kamala Harris?

That question was answered on Saturday when Harris finally made an appearance, but that appearance was not made at the order where migrants continue to flow into the United States.

Where she was instead was at the Howard University VS Hampton University football game to do the coin toss, The Hill reported.

Harris is a graduate of Howard University and was celebrated by university President Wayne A. I. Frederick in January.

“She was singularly gifted at debate and had a hunger for knowledge and information. She combined her personal attributes and strength of character with a Howard education to forge a life dedicated to societal, not personal, advancement,” he said. “Due to her exceptional qualities, the higher she managed to climb, the more good she was capable of bestowing on her community and country.

“No longer does anyone have the right to tell Black boys and girls to set their sights lower, to dream smaller, to be more realistic,” he said. “We need only point to Kamala Harris when telling our children that anything they can imagine, they can achieve.”

And that is true, but could she set her sights on doing her job and handling the situation at the border?


Even the Democrat mayor of Del Rio, where the border crisis is focused right now, Mayor Bruno Lozano, is demanding that Biden and Harris pay attention to what is happening.

“The VP is able to visit the fun events across the country, while American communities continue to grapple with failed immigration reform. Where is the visit to Del Rio, TX?” he said on Twitter.

He also responded to another tweet by Haris that was not related to the crisis where she said, “The U.S. is falling behind, on a global scale, on investing in childcare. We invest fewer public dollars in early childhood education and care relative to GDP than almost all other developed countries. With our Build Back Better Agenda, @POTUS and I are determined to change that.”

“The US is failing to protect its borders. Why aren’t you here? @POTUS,” he said.

The Democrat mayor also had some tweets in response to tweets from Biden.

“The President has a plan for taxes,” he said in one tweet. “Where is the plan to protect our southern border?”


“Where is your plan to protect American communities at the southern border? I spoke to Governor Abbott today. We have developed a temporary plan, we’d like to see yours,” he said.

Republican Rep. August Pfluger issued a press release of his own about the border crisis.

“I spent the day in Del Rio, TX with local and state leaders and law enforcement — what I heard, and what I saw, was devastating. There were nearly 15,000 migrants gathered at the port of entry with hundreds more gathering every hour — up from 12,000 just the day before,” he said.

“Most were military aged males between the ages of 18-35. The majority of migrants were Haitian, but I talked to migrants from 6-7 countries including Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, and more.

“When I went in up in a helicopter to survey the scene, migrants were literally being pushed over the border. Why is the administration not taking the proper steps to deter this situation?” the representative said.

“400 more CBP agents are being sent to Del Rio and CBP is utilizing flights to repatriate Haitians back to their home country, but based on what’s happening on the ground, this is not nearly enough to tamper the chaotic situation.

“This crisis has reached a boiling point — Del Rio officials are not equipped to handle nearly 15,000 migrants pouring into their community. What will it take to wake this Administration up to the realities of this crisis? There is a real human cost to Biden’s weak border policies,” he said.

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