GA Gov. Brian Kemp Would Still Back Trump Despite Feud


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Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp said he would support Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination for president in 2024, saying the former president “would still be a lot better than Biden.”

Kemp discussed various political agendas in an interview, including the potential government shutdown, immigration, and his thoughts on Trump going into the 2024 elections. Kemp and Trump have both been critical of one another, most notably because Kemp refused to overturn the results of Georgia’s votes in the 2020 presidential election and because he testified under subpoena in Fulton County Fani Willis’ investigation, which led to a grand jury indicting Trump and 18 other co-defendants.

“Despite all of that, despite all of his other trials and tribulations, he would still be a lot better than Biden. And the people serving in the administration would be a lot better than Joe Biden. And it has nothing to do with being a coward. It has everything to do with winning and reversing the ridiculous, obscene positions of Joe Biden and this administration that literally, in a lot of ways, are destroying our country,” Kemp told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Kemp told the newspaper that he believes Trump will win Georgia in the upcoming election. He did, however, criticize Trump for claiming that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

“But I also think he stands a very good chance of losing if he continues to talk about the stolen 2020 election. If he continues, like he’s done in the past, to attack other good Republicans who don’t agree with him 100 percent of the time, there’s a good chance he can lose the election,” Kemp said.


According to two sources familiar with the situation, Fulton County prosecutors are determined to take a trial approach rather than consider plea deals for Donald Trump and two high-ranking co-defendants accused of their involvement in the plot to rescind the 2020 Georgia election.

Trump, his former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, are all considered ineligible, The Guardian reported.

According to the sources, district attorney Fani Willis of Fulton County has initiated or left open the prospect of plea negotiations with the other co-defendants, with the expectation that they will eventually choose to cooperate as witnesses against the former president.

There has been no official communication of the previously unreported decision, so it is still subject to change (for example, if prosecutors change their strategy). However, it shows that the prosecution has identified certain individuals as their primary targets and plans to use Georgia’s racketeering statute to their advantage.


In August, Kemp responded to a Republican state senator’s demand for an emergency session to consider impeaching Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis over allegations she is abusing her power to go after former President Donald Trump.

As first reported by Fox News, Kemp said he had not seen enough evidence that would support calling a special session of the legislature to consider the impeachment issue.

Kemp’s office also said it could not comment further on the matter because the governor was involved in the case.

“Given that the governor was subpoenaed in this case in November 2022, our office will not be commenting further,” Douglas added.


Kemp’s office did, however, direct Fox News Digital to earlier remarks made by Cody Hall, a senior adviser to the governor.

“Where have I heard of special sessions, changing decades-old law, and overturning constitutional precedent before?” Hall said this during an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Oh, right, prior to Republicans losing two Senate runoffs in January of 2021.”

“What are people hoping to learn in the second kick of the election-losing mule?” Hall added.

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