‘Shark Tank’ Star Kevin O’Leary Shreds Ocasio-Cortez, ‘Great At Killing Jobs’


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The man who calls himself “Mr. Wonderful” on the ABC show “Shark Tank” has accused Democrat New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of being a killer of jobs.

It started when the investor spoke on CNN and challenged anyone to a debate, but focused on the Democrat representative.

He said that investors are not investing in Democrat states like California and New York because they are tough on business and that remote work has been important in the new economy.

“I don’t put companies here in New York anymore or in Massachusetts or New Jersey or California. Those states are uninvestable. The policy here is insane. The taxes are too high. We put them in Fargo, North Dakota, because 40% of the people work elsewhere, including Boston,” he said.

He spoke about a conversation he had with Democrat Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the issue.

“I say, ‘Look, Senator, we’ve got to move the companies out of your state because you are not investable anymore. You are punishing people if they are successful, you overtax them, you hit them with a super tax.’ New Jersey, what a mess! New York, uninvestable,” he said.

And when asked by the hosts of “CNN This Morning” if it was more than high taxes he said “the regulatory environment is punitive.”


“I had a project in upstate New York behind the grid in Niagara Falls for electricity — a global data center we were building. Eventually it got so bad with the politicians in the local region and the state policy, we moved it to Norway and all the jobs,” he said.

“That’s New York. Uninvestable,” he said. “Sorry, don’t shoot the messenger. Just telling you the way it is.”

CNN anchor Kaitlin Collins said she would anticipate “pushback from our elected officials in New York on that.”

“I’ll debate them any time of the day you want, particularly AOC,” he said. “She’s great at killing jobs. She kills jobs by the thousands.”

“Where did Amazon take their jobs? They took them away from her. She threatened to sue them if they created jobs. I mean, this is a reality,” he said.

“He’s saying what a lot of people are saying,” anchor Don Lemon said. “Especially what happened with that Amazon thing her in New York.”


The Democrat representative was furious with O’Leary and responded on Twitter.

“If it’s so ‘uninvestable,’ then why is NYC home to some of the most billionaires in the world? This is what billionaires do. They leverage their power to gain platforms and spread unsubstantiated claims to push policies that are even more favorable to them than they already are,” she said.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and other members of Congress paid thousands of dollars in campaign cash to a Chinese foreign agent, according to a review of campaign finance records. Fox News Digital reported that AOC, along with two Democrats and one Republican, were involved in the payments.

“Reps. Kevin Mullin, D.-Calif., Grace Meng, D.-N.Y, and Nicole Malliotakis, R.-N.Y. joined Ocasio Cortez in pushing campaign cash to Sing Tao U.S., a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Sing Tao News Corporation Ltd, for advertising expenses during the midterm election cycle,” the report said.

“Those campaigns, in other words, had sent their money to a Chinese-owned entity that the Department of Justice forced to register as a Chinese foreign agent in August 2021 as tensions rose between Washington and Beijing,” the report continued.

After Justice Department officials decided that Sing Tao U.S. was a foreign political activity, all of the campaigns had disbursed money to the firm, the outlet noted further, adding:

Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign dropped nearly $1,500 on advertisements with Sing Tao Newspapers during the midterm election cycle after it had registered as a foreign agent, while Reps. Mullin, Meng, and Malliotakis paid between $1,000 and $7,000 to various Sing Tao entities as part of their campaign advertising expenses, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Sing Tao’s United States operations include Chinese language publications in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. It also has a radio station in Burlingame, California. The paper is considered pro-Beijing and receives more than half of its content from the Chinese company Star Production (Shenzhen) Limited, Axios previously noted.

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