Kevin O’Leary Slams DA Alvin Bragg After Trump Conviction


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“Shark Tank” star investor and O’Leary Ventures Chair Kevin O’Leary is sounding the alarm over the potential damage the U.S. economy will suffer thanks to Democrat-led efforts to convict and potentially jail a former president.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” O’Leary explained how he believes Donald Trump’s historic felony trial in Manhattan will impact the economy.

“I would ask everybody, regardless of your politics, to think about the big picture and what America means to the rest of the world. It’s the largest economy on Earth. It has the best legal system, including the appellate system, which now Trump will go through. And if there’s something wrong with his trial, it wasn’t done properly, the appellate system will catch it. That’s what people believe about the American legal system,” O’Leary began.

He went on to say that “belittling]” a former president in the face of justice could have a devastating impact on the “American brand.”


“You want to think beyond Trump. You want to think beyond Bragg. You want to think about after Biden. ‘What did we do to ourselves here?’ That should be the question. And when the sentencing occurs, and it happens on July 11, everybody should ask themselves, do we want to belittle someone that was in the White House? Make him pick up garbage on the street or jail him?” O’Leary argued.

“I mean, this is the American brand we’re talking about. It’s not about Donald Trump only, it’s the White House,” he added.

In a decade, history will look at how Trump was re-elected and attribute Trump’s sudden surge to Bragg’s trial, with O’Leary dubbing him the “kingmaker” for Trump’s success.

“Alvin Bragg was the kingmaker. He did it for him. I know it sounds perverse, but that’s what he did. And so that’s called an unintended consequence. I don’t know if he’s happy about that, but that’s how he’ll be marked in history,” the investor added.


During his own interview with “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-hosts, Trump addressed rumors that the Republican Party is trying to replace him while also warning the country that there are “bad people” coming after him.

“These are bad people. These people are sick, and they do things that are so destructive. I mean, look what they did from the day I got there. And I don’t know, a lot of people said we have no choice but to elect Trump Republicans because he’s the only one that can withstand this. Don’t forget. If it weren’t me, they’d be going after somebody else,” Trump continued.

“I know a lot of the competition. They wouldn’t be doing so well right now. They’d be saying, ‘Mommy, take me home. I want to go home.’ This is brutal. But these are sick people,” Trump continued.


The Trump campaign has reportedly raised over $200 million in donations, a financial surge that includes nearly $53 million raised in the immediate aftermath of his guilty verdict last week.

The total dollar amount includes contributions pledged by Republican megadonor Miriam Adelson, who intends to invest tens of millions of dollars in a pro-Trump SuperPAC after evaluating other candidates during the primary. In 2020, the late Sheldon Adelson, a casino billionaire, and his wife were the top donors to the Preserve America PAC, contributing over $90 million to support Trump’s campaign.

According to a report from Politico, Adelson plans to contribute upwards of $100 million to Trump’s campaign once again. Adelson, the principal shareholder of Las Vegas Sands and a majority stakeholder in the Dallas Mavericks alongside her son-in-law, has an estimated net worth of $33.3 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

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