Key Hunter Biden Associate Cooperating With GOP Lawmakers, Opening Door Deals


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A principal business associate of Hunter Biden is now cooperating with Republican lawmakers in Congress as they continue to investigate deals involving him and his father, President Joe Biden, in business deals made with foreign entities.

According to Just the News, Eric Schwerin, who is not only an associate of Hunter Biden but who also had dealings with Joe Biden’s business and tax affairs, is “cooperating” with a key House committee’s investigation.

“He is cooperating with us,” House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) said Thursday evening during an interview on the “Just the News, No Noise” television show.

“His attorneys and my counsel are communicating on a regular basis. Now, I feel confident that he’s going to work with us, and provide us with the information that we have requested,” Comer said. “I think that Schwerwin is going to be a very valuable witness for us in this investigation.”

The committee recently received information that Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, who is the brother of the President, are not planning to disclose all the information that Comer’s committee has requested regarding the Biden family’s foreign business transactions, which earned millions of dollars from China to Ukraine.


As a result, Comer has announced that his committee will not delay any further and will begin issuing subpoenas right away, Just the News noted.

“We know individuals, many are cooperating with us now, but others, not so much,” he said. “We’re going to start subpoenaing people in the private sector, we’re going to start subpoenaing financial institutions to get us the information. And then we’ll go from there.”

Comer also noted that refusing to assist in the investigation undercuts Hunter Biden’s claims that he doesn’t have anything to hide.

“He could come in front of the House Oversight Committee right now and defend his good name,” Comer said. “He would have 20 Democrats that would definitely support him, and he could make 26 Republicans look bad if all this information we have from his laptop, all the emails that were in his own words, all the audio that are in his own voice, if for some reason we’re misinterpreting that, then he could make us look bad.

“But we all know that this family was involved in influence peddling. And this administration is doing everything in its ability to try to block oversight,” he continued.

Although both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden have refuted any wrongdoing by the Biden family, Hunter Biden is being investigated by federal authorities for tax-related matters.


Comer noted that his committee is currently in a struggle to obtain information from both the White House and the Biden family. However, the cooperation of Schwerin is considered a significant breakthrough that may encourage other critical witnesses to come forward and cooperate.

“That’s a very positive development, I believe that’s going to lead to a few others coming forward,” he said.

According to emails found on a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, which was turned over to the FBI in 2019, Schwerin, a business executive at Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca investment firm, had a close relationship with both Hunter and Joe Biden during the majority of the elder Biden’s tenure as Vice President and his son was involved in international business deals, the outlet noted.


One such instance involved Schwerin’s involvement in reviewing and facilitating Hunter Biden’s business transactions with the Chinese energy company CEFC. This relationship has raised questions about whether the Biden family has been compromised by communist China, as the emails indicate that they received an expensive diamond and a multimillion-dollar, no-interest, forgivable loan, Just the News reported further.

“If we can make the connection [to CEFC] we can take a percentage of the sale,” Schwerin wrote Hunter Biden on Aug. 22, 2016, revealing how the pair could make some money from the prospective deal.

Also, according to evidence found on Hunter’s laptop. Schwerin was also dealing with then-Vice President Biden’s financial and tax issues as early as 2010.

“Your Dad just called me (about his mortgage) and mentioned he’d be out a lot soon and not really back until Labor Day,” Schwerin wrote in an email to Hunter on July 6, 2010. “So it dawned on me it might be a good time (also he could use some positive news about his future earnings potential!).

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