Press Secretary Jean-Pierre’s Career Takes a Turn After Horrific Week


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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s tumultuous week just got even worse.

Several members of the mainstream media, who are typically friendly to her and Democrats, are slamming Jean-Pierre after she spent most of this week avoiding questions about President Joe Biden’s handling of sensitive documents. Several press briefings this week resulted in KJP snapping at reporters for daring to ask questions about the scandal.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha said the Biden classified documents scandal proved that Jean-Pierre is not fit for her role as press secretary.

“Karine Jean-Pierre has shown that she is not qualified for this job at this level. We’ve seen that now over the last couple of months, because she keeps saying over and over again — as if she’s almost programmed, like she has no ability to think extemporaneously — that the president ‘takes these documents very seriously’,” he said, Fox News reported.

“In one press conference, she’s literally said that line 17 times. And at the same time, she talks about how transparent the administration has been with the public – while not answering questions. You’re telling me there isn’t one person that took a log of who was going in and out to see the sitting president of the United States? I have a very hard time believing that,” Concha said.

Former New York federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy agreed, saying that every time the press secretary speaks, “she’s actually making [the situation] worse.”

Conservative commentator David Marcus tweeted, “This is getting to the point where reporters need to stop showing up. There’s no reason on earth she can’t comment on Biden’s public statements.”

Oregon Republican Rep. Cliff Bentz tweeted, “For an administration that touts their ‘transparency,’ they’re about as transparent as a wooden door. And I’d put my money on the door in that contest.”


On Thursday, Jean-Pierre got snippy with reporters who dared to ask her about Biden’s classified documents scandal.

During another tense press briefing, KJP let out an awkward laugh after a reporter questioned the search for classified documents at Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Things got tense when AFP White House correspondent Sebastian Smith tried asking about the searches and KJP deflected multiple times by referring him to the White House Counsel’s Office.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

SEBASTIAN SMITH: Okay. A very quick one on documents, if you don’t mind. Given these documents have shown up in very personal spaces — we all know that the President loves his Delaware home and it’s an extremely personal space for him — is he physically joining in the search for these things, rummaging around, you know, these boxes in the garage and wherever else — I mean, literally?

JEAN-PIERRE: Are you — are you listening to your — the question that you’re asking me?

SEBASTIAN SMITH: No, it’s a — no, it’s a — it’s serious matter —

JEAN-PIERRE: Look, I mean —

SEBASTIAN SMITH: — where are these documents.


JEAN-PIERRE: Okay, look —

SEBASTIAN SMITH: It’s a serious matter.


SEBASTIAN SMITH: Is he taking part in searching for his own documents?

JEAN-PIERRE: Look, I’m going to be very consistent here. I am going to be very clear here, as I have been for the past couple of days — almost a week now — dealing with this. You know, we are going to — any specific questions that you have about this issue, I would refer you to my colleagues at the White House Counsel’s Office, who spent almost an hour taking these questions from all of you, many of your colleagues. I’m going let you ask that question to the White House Counsel’s Office. And anything else specific to this, I refer you to the Department of Justice, I refer you to the Special Counsel.


Republicans are sounding warning bells after classified documents were discovered in the garage of President Biden’s Wilmington home as well as his think tank.

There are also questions surrounding a lack of transparency on why the U.S. Secret Service does not have any visitor logs from Biden’s Delaware home.

The U.S. Secret Service revealed on Sunday that while a protection unit is assigned to Biden’s Delaware home, they do not record visitors.

Republican Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, is demanding the logs and more answers.

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