Dem Senator Klobuchar Forced Off Stage By Environmental Protesters


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Democrats have gotten in bed with radicals for decades and sometimes when you make a deal with people who are unreasonable it comes back to bite you.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar learned that when she appeared at a Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party event on Thursday, KVRR reported.

Klobuchar walked off the stage during her endorsement speech for State Representative Connie Bernardy while demonstrators carried colorful banners and chanted “Stop Line 3.”

Line 3 opponents, including Minnesota tribal leaders, have repeatedly asked President Biden to revoke the pipeline’s permit, based on environmental concerns.  When asked in whether Biden should shut down the pipeline in August, Klobuchar told KVRR News that the issue is in the state’s jurisdiction.

Hundreds of demonstrators were arrested during construction of the pipeline, which is now complete.


The group bragged on Twitter about having the Democrat senator run off the stage.

“BREAKING: @SenAmyKlobuchar was just confronted at a fundraising event by a group of water protectors who SHUT DOWN her speech. When faced with Indigenous youth questioning her inaction on Line 3, she rolled her eyes, tried to interrupt, and eventually fled the stage. #StopLine3,” it said.

“New photo: Amy Klobuchar tried to spend the evening mingling with millionaires at a fundraiser. Flooding in through a service entrance, Line 3 resistors shut it down,” it said the following day.

But this has been a common theme where Democrats are being confronted by these protesters and it is likely their own fault because of how the party has insisted that climate change is a world threatening danger that must be dealt with right now.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris was accosted by similar protesters in October.

She was with Virginia gubernatorial candidate and former Governor Terry McAuliffe when she was heckled by protesters concerned about an oil pipeline, Inside NoVa reported.

Vice President Kamala Harris took the stage saying it matters who will be the next leader of Virginia, and then, a half-dozen protestors, in several locations among the crowd, interrupted her speech by yelling ‘Stop line 3,’ a reference to a tar-sands pipeline from Canada to Wisconsin.


As the audience tried to counter by chanting “Terry,” Harris smiled and said, “I love Democrats and I love democracy.” But the chants continued, so she punched through the chants by saying loudly, “We will not be distracted. We will not be dissuaded. We will not be deterred. This election is too important.”

Security stepped in and escorted the protesters away from the speech and Harris continued to promote McAuliffe.

“You want to know what matters? Let’s talk about the right that every woman in America has to make decisions about her own body, and not have other people tell her when she should make that decision, how she should make that decision, or if she should make that decision. Don’t Texas Virginia,” she said.


“[Terry McAuliffe] has the life experience and professional experience, the experience of this state. If you know Terry McAuliffe you know he’s a fighter and he fights with his heart and soul,” the vice president said.

“We’ve got to make it clear we’re not taking anything for granted. This election requires more than your vote – it requires your work,” she said. “There is nothing about this moment in time that is not about the coexistence between crisis and opportunity. How that all balances out will depend on who’s in a role of leadership. Does it weigh in favor of crisis, or does crisis turn into opportunity?”

And at an event to promote the Joe Biden Build Back Better agenda at the Northeast Bronx YMCA in New York she was interrupted by a protester concerned about the flooding from Hurricane Ida.

“A protester in a hoodie in the crowd interrupted the speech, yelling, at 12:56 p.m. It was tough to make out what he was saying, but he mentioned flooding. VP responded: ‘You are right’ and said she would talk to him after. He was promptly ushered out of the gym,” a pool report said, Mediaite reported.


“You are right brother,” she said to the man. “You and I will talk after I give my comments and I am happy to talk with you. But right now let’s talk about the agenda that will include speaking to all people and allowing everybody to be heard because that’s part of what we want in our democracy. Everybody gets a chance to talk and everybody gets a chance to be heard.”

The man was escorted from the premises by security but was still shouting.


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