L.A. County’s Democratic Sheriff Backs GOP Candidate for State Attorney General


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Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who has described himself as “a proud Democrat,” has announced he won’t back his party’s candidate for California attorney general.

Instead, Villanueva said at a press conference he’ll be supporting moderate Republican Nathan Hochman who was appointed by then-President George W. Bush to serve as an assistant U.S. attorney general.

Hochman will be running against incumbent Rob Bonta, a far-left Democrat who closely backs so-called ‘criminal justice reform’ many have criticized as a little more than a ‘soft-on-crime’ approach to law enforcement.

“I’m a supporter of Nathan’s because it’s time we get serious about reducing crime, ending homelessness, and holding those in power accountable when they abuse that power or engage in corruption,” said Villanueva.

“I want a partner at the state attorney general’s office … that will actually hold criminals accountable. We also need smart and intelligent leaders who can help law enforcement across the state and target and arrest the most notorious criminals, get guns off the streets, and investigate major crime sprees and political corruption,” the sheriff added.


The Daily Wire adds:

Bonta’s office is currently reviewing several investigations conducted by Villanueva’s department. An L.A. County official claimed in a letter to Bonta that the sheriff had “used these investigations to discourage legitimate oversight of himself and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and to retaliate against any public official who criticizes him or the Sheriff’s Department.”

Many California insiders expect the AG race to be a referendum on so-called “reform-minded” prosecutors in the state, notably L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón and San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Hochman claims AG Bonta, Gascón, and Boudin have “formed an alliance,” describing the trio as “The Let ‘Em Go Guys,” referencing their progressive policies he says have “emboldened criminals and hurt victims.” Law enforcement groups have criticized them for being “soft on crime” and advocating for strict oversight of police officers.

“Rob Bonta is a supporter of George Gascón and Chesa Boudin, and their philosophies in their district are, ‘Don’t put people in jail who’ve committed violent and serious offenses for the full extent of the law,’” Hochman said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle last year.


During Thursday’s press conference, Hochman pledged to Villanueva that he’ll be a staunch ally of police if elected to be the state’s chief law enforcer.

“I’m not going to defund the police,” pledged Hochman. “I will provide more funds to the police so that they can do a better job, and I will treat them as partners in the solutions, rather than as enemies and part of the problem.

“I commit to you, as California’s next attorney general, that I will do my job. I will enforce the laws of California and bring safety and security back to this state,” Hochman added.. “People are fed up, they’re frustrated, they’re looking for fighters, and I will be that fighter.”

The Daily Wire noted further:

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Bonta became the first Filipino American to serve as California’s attorney general last year after being appointed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to fill a vacancy left by Xavier Becerra, who had resigned to join President Joe Biden’s cabinet as Health and Human Services secretary.

The Mercury News reported that Bonta had been “a favorite of law enforcement groups,” but he told the outlet that he would stop accepting contributions from police and prison guard unions in his new role.

As a member of the state Assembly, Bonta advocated to end cash bail and abolish the death penalty.