Dinesh D’Souza, Elon Musk Say Trump Indictment Will Lead To Landslide Victory


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An indictment of former President Donald Trump could lead to him becoming elected President of the United States again, leading conservatives, led by filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, have said.

“If the Democrats want action, let’s have it. Time to retaliate against a gratuitous #TrumpIndictment by filing impeachment articles against President Biden. The trial provides a unique opportunity to expose the China sellout and full corruption of the #BidenCrimeFamilly,” the political commentator said.

“Arresting the leader of the opposition party is the signature move of socialist and Third World despotic regimes. Moreover, it’s always done in the name of ‘fighting corruption’ and ‘rule of law,’” he said.

“Impeachments have the effect of completely paralyzing an administration. An impeachment trial would not only showcase Biden’s global corruption racket but also make it impossible for him to govern. It’s almost worth a Trump arrest to motivate the House GOP to #IMPEACHBIDENNOW,” he said.


“The media can ignore GOP House investigations. But they can’t ignore a Biden impeachment trial in Congress. It would put all of Biden’s crimes and corruption on display. The country and the world would see we are being ruled by an illegitimate president and junta #IMPEACHBIDEN,” he said.

He was joined by Twitter CEO Elon Musk who said he believes that the indictment will lead to a Trump victory.

“If this happens, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory,” he said.

“If they indict President Trump on fake charges, to go after him to try to stop the movement that they cannot stop, he is going to win 2024 in a landslide victory and then we’ll put him in the White House and he will finish what he started,” Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene said on Lindell TV.

“We will gut the government of all the traitors that are serving the globalists and America last,” she said.


“Alvin Bragg is bought by George Soros. He allows violent criminals to walk the streets of New York City, but will prosecute the likely Republican nominee (and former president) on a baseless misdemeanor charge. These people are trying to turn America into a third-world country,” Republican Ohio Sen. JD Vance said.

“If they can take him out they’re one step closer to taking you and your freedoms out… and apparently that’s been the plan all along,” Donald Trump Jr. said.

“We have slipped into a banana republic in this country where you have a two-tiered system of justice, where Democrats run scot-free, and then someone like President Trump, or other Republicans, are held to this ridiculous standard,” Devin Nunes said, Newsmax reported.

“”I don’t know New York law very well. I’m not an attorney, but I can tell you I think that if they do move forward and indict, it’ll just make it even easier for President Trump to win election because people are going to see this for what it is,” Nunes said. “[It is] just a farce, and another attack on Trump at all costs to stop him from becoming president again,” he said.

Constitutional expert and Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley noted in a column published on Saturday that the alleged coming indictment of former President Donald Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will be a “made-for-TV” event that, in reality, is “legally pathetic.”

“‘The moment that we are waiting for, we made it to the finale together’ — those familiar words from ‘America’s Got Talent’ — could well be the opening line for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg next week, when he is expected to unveil an indictment of former President Trump,” Turley begins.

“With Trump’s reported announcement that he expects to be arrested on Tuesday, it would be a fitting curtain raiser for a case that has developed more like a television production than a criminal prosecution. Indeed, this indictment was repeatedly rejected only to be brought back by popular demand,” he added.

“Trump faces serious legal threats in the ongoing Mar-a-Lago investigation. But the New York case would be easily dismissed outside of a jurisdiction like New York, where Bragg can count on highly motivated judges and jurors,” Turley noted, adding: “Although it may be politically popular, the case is legally pathetic.”

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