Leaked Letter Written By Donald Trump Firing James Comey Made Public

Written by Martin Walsh

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

There has been another leak at this White House. Sources connected to ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller apparently leaked a secret letter written by President Donald Trump to the liberal media.

According to the Daily Mail, the president wrote the letter firing former FBI Director James Comey for corrupt behavior.

In the letter, Trump called James Comey an “erratic, rambling and self-indulgent” person, but it was never seen by the American public.

“Your conduct has grown unpredictable and even erratic – including rambling and self-indulgent public performances that have baffled experts, citizens, and law enforcement professionals alike – making it impossible for you to effectively lead this agency,” Trump wrote.

The letter then chastised Comey for “spending too much time cultivating a public image, and not enough time getting your own house in order.”

“You’ve shown a total inability to control leaks, both within and outside the agency. As a result, intelligence — real and fake – has been weaponized into an instrument of partisan warfare,” the letter said.

ABC News reported:

Almost half of the letter focused on Comey’s handling of the investigation into then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, including Comey’s testimony to Congress days earlier defending his decision to publicly announce a year before that Clinton had been “extremely careless” with classified information but should not face charges.

That testimony was “another media circus full of unprofessional conjecture, bizarre legal theories, and irresponsible speculation,” Trump’s letter stated.

The letter insisted that Comey’s “strange legal decisions and contradictory public statements” had “sowed confusion” and inspired “a near-rebellion by many rank-and-file agents” within the FBI.

Trump told Comey that his “actions and decisions” reflect “a total lack of judgment and have left our country deeply divided and rightfully angry.”

“America needs an FBI director who inspires confidence across all layers of government, and who the public believes to be fair, impartial and beyond reproach,” Trump concluded.

“You have lost the confidence of the skilled professionals in your command, the congressional lawmakers with whom you work, and the general public whom you serve,” the president added.

Trump reportedly sent the letter to Comey, but he never received it. Instead, it looks like it was examined by Mueller’s people, who reportedly leaked it to the liberal media instead.

When the White House Counsel’s Office saw Trump’s four-page letter, they believed it “should ‘not see the light of day’ and that it would be better to offer ‘no other rationales’ for the firing than what” then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had articulated themselves, Mueller’s report said.