Laura Ingraham Tells GOP Sen. Cassidy ‘You Guys Got Played’ On Infrastructure Bill


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Fox News host Laura Ingraham confronted Louisiana GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy on Monday night over the Democrats infrastructure bill.

Cassidy was one of a handful of Republicans who joined bipartisan negotiations with the White House on the infrastructure bill.

During an interview on her Fox News program, Ingraham agreed there is a need for physical infrastructure funding, she noted many Republicans are worried about spending more money and inflation.

But things went off the rails when Ingraham laughed and told Cassidy “you guys got played,” arguing that Democrats pulled a fast one over them on the bill.

Cassidy also got shut down when he tried claiming that “Fox News viewers” support the bill.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:


Laura: So, you think the rules of trade under Biden are fair rules? You are a trusting —

Cassidy: The European Union is putting for border adjustment taxes in place. This positions us so that our people don’t lose the market.

Laura: Or dancing to Europe’s tune, but you are right that’s up to Biden. Your colleague Mike Lee has a different take if you can imagine on the bill and he went on the floor last night. Let’s watch.

Laura: In the White House is, as I said, quite giddy about this. Reuters describes this as a blind pass to the $3.5 trillion tonight and they write this up senator, your response.

Cassidy: So a couple of things, it is the person in my state stuck in traffic who is fearful of the home flooding and who wants to have a better job that actually would like to make more money but doesn’t make a lot of money now who would really like this bill. I talked to Fox News watchers. They love this bill. Now is there somebody that is wealthy? Actually for the wealthy this means less fear they have chauffeurs, they have private jets, they can fly but if the people live in their homes —

Laura: But Senator Wyden you guys —

Cassidy: $3.5 trillion and she doesn’t think she has the votes for that $3.5 trillion.


Laura: Senator are you want to show cinque Nancy Pelosi hasn’t gained out her votes? Do you actually think — hold on. Speak with the rule of eviction. She has the votes and is hoping to pull these together to get it passed. And by the way, Mike Lee — they are trying to help Nancy Pelosi.

Laura: So the tax increase that the bipartisan infrastructure bill makes possible that $3.5 trillion behemoth that you will not support, correct?

Cassidy: So I reject your characterization. This bill makes that $3.5 trillion less likely to pass in the squad knows it. Bernie knows it. They are the ones objecting to spill because they think it is lax likely to pass 3.5 trillion behemoth.

Laura: Why did you Emma Connell and company did not act or say we are happy to talk roads and bridges and have that completely separate. Biden did guarantee that so why not do what Pelosi did and sake show us your hand first and let’s see the full text not do what Pelosi did and Sak of your reconciliation bill show us your hand first and and everything climate change and tax increases, all of the nightmares that we already did tonight, let them show their hand but that got flipped and you guys got played on this and you have the vote first or agreed first. They still haven’t shown that text of the legislation, have, sir?

Cassidy: The ironic thing you are agreeing with the squad and Bernie. It is amazing, you agree with Pelosi. We think this is a behemoth likely to pass. And somehow, if I make, Laura, if I may, we make that bill less likely to pass. If we think this bill and married them together, it is more likely to pass. That is just simple logic intelligence.


Laura: You don’t follow, you don’t follow “The Wall Street Journal” national review, yours truly coming in a number of people online that are writing about economics. For 35 years?
Cassidy: It makes it order to pass $3.5 trillion.

Laura: No, no, no. You made it easy for them. Make them show their text first. You could have gotten that without giving away the storm, but I know you are talking loudly because you are trying to be related — but it’s just not working.


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