Lauren Boebert Rips Host After Saying ‘No Evidence’ Biden Compromised By Foreign Powers


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Firebrand Rep. Lauren Boebert tore into NewsNation’s Dan Abrams on Friday after he made a claim about President Joe Biden she did not think was substantiated.

Abrams began the back-and-forth by saying that the Colorado Republican was laser-focused on the Biden family while “ignoring” the Trump family’s foreign dealings.

“You’re now requesting information on, among many other things, the sale of Hunter Biden’s artwork from a New York gallery owner. I understand the purpose, to understand if foreign governments were trying to curry favor with his father,” Abrams said.

“But if you go down that road, don’t you then also have to start looking into Ivanka‘s trademark deal with China and Jared Kushner and the Saudi, not to mention which diplomats from scary countries stayed at Trump family hotels, I mean all of that seems to relate to foreign governments possible efforts to get at dad, no?” he asked.

“I think Democrats have been looking into the Trump family for several years now and have not been able to come up with anything, so if there was anything that was a national security threat, I think it would’ve come out by now,” she responded.


“But look, we have Hunter Biden‘s laptop that was completely concealed, and the story was censored from the American public, and this would have changed the outcome of the election, and they knew it, the mainstream media knew it. There were conversations that were taking place on saying that ‘We can’t let this out because it’ll change the outcome,’” she continued as Abrams interjected.

“I think it’s a fair critique of the media in part about some of the Hunter Biden stuff, but when it comes to what Congress is doing, there wasn’t a congressional committee that was investigating Ivanka Trump’s deal with China and trademarks–” he noted before it was Boebert’s turn to interrupt.

“Every Democrat used their committees to go after the Trumps,” she insisted before continuing.


“I think that the Trumps of have been very transparent and all of their business dealings, and they’ve been even more scrutinized than any other first family that we’ve ever seen. And Hunter Biden has some serious issues with business dealings that include his father, even referring to him as the ‘Big Guy’. Look, he’s been selling his art for about $500,000 a piece and of course, what these anonymous people are buying isn’t art, it’s access to Hunter’s dad, the President of the United States. So yes, we need to look into this,” she continued.

“We need to know if the [Chinese Communist Party] funds have been lining Hunter’s pockets and possibly Joe Biden. And here’s the bottom line, Hunter Biden is a man without morals and any sense of honor. He has ditched guns in dumpsters, he is a serial drug dealer, and has been involved with shady dealings around the globe cashing in on his fathers power. The question is, was Joe Biden ever compromised by foreign actors through his son Hunter,” Boebert said before Abrams responded with a remark she found outrageous.

“But There’s no evidence to suggest that Joe Biden was compromised,” Abrams insisted, setting Boebert off.

“We just found classified documents in his garage where his son is on the lease paying him $50,000 a month in rent,” she said. “I think that there’s certainly some ties here you can connect the dots, and we’re going to be doing that in the oversight committee. We are going to have this investigation and in the end, will know what happened.”

Last week, she made it clear that the House Oversight Committee will be looking into the Bidens’ past dealings.

“Let it be known, the Oversight Committee WILL be looking into the Biden Regime’s attempts to hide his classified document scandal from the American people. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, Joe, so let’s see if your Aviators can hold up to all we’re about to shine on you!” she said.

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