GOP Lawmakers Set to Launch Probe Into Whether U.S. Weapons Fell Into Hands of Hamas


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Several Republican lawmakers emerged from the closed-door intelligence briefing on the deadly attacks against Israel with a shocking reveal: They want to know whether U.S. weapons sent to Ukraine and left in Afghanistan made it into the hands of Hamas and other Iran-backed terrorist groups.

“I think there has to be one,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), a member of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, told the “John Solomon Reports” podcast in an interview that aired on Friday.

“…If we are finding out information and getting told intel that U.S. weapons have fallen into the hands of terrorists, especially with the horrific attack that just happened on Israel, it’s our duty to investigate and find out if that’s happened or not,” she said.

Members of the House would not provide any specifics about what U.S. intelligence officials told them earlier in the week. However, they said they left the briefing convinced that American weapons were allowed to fall into the hands of terrorists.

“We know that some of the weapons that are being used by Hamas in Israel against our most important ally came out of Afghanistan,” Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-Wyoming) told the “Just the News, No Noise TV show, going on to accuse the Biden White House of a less-than-interested response.


“These things are all interconnected. Not just because his (Joe Biden’s) disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan demonstrated a level of weakness and hubris and just tragedy again, to use that word. But now the weapons have found their way into the hands of other terrorists around the world,” she noted further, according to Just the News.

The outlet added:

Current Pentagon and U.S. intelligence officials contacted by Just the News said they are aware of the reports of U.S. weaponry in Hamas’ hands and the concerns of lawmakers. They also add that they are trying to ascertain more information. The U.S. has a database that allies can check with serial numbers when U.S. weaponry is recovered from a crime or war scene, the officials said.

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) told reporters for Newsweek this June that they had recovered some U.S. small arms weapons left behind in Afghanistan after Biden’s bungled withdrawal of troops inside Gaza and in the hands of Hamas.

Days later, NBC News noted that U.S. weapons left in Afghanistan also wound up in another conflict – between India and Pakistan over the disputed Kashmir enclave.


“Since falling into the hands of the Taliban, some of the weapons have been seized from militants in Indian-controlled Kashmir in what experts say could be just the start of their global journey,” the network reported.

And just last week, Ukrainian intelligence officials pointed fingers at Russia for an alleged plot to put “trophy” Western weapons that were taken from the battlefields into the hands of Hamas fighters in an effort to undermine international support for Ukraine, Just the News added.

In August, on the anniversary of Biden’s botched Afghan withdrawal, a Gold Star parent who lost his Marine son in the final days of the pull-out in a suicide bombing tore into Biden.

Mark Schmitz, whose son, Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz, was killed in the Kabul airport attack in 2021, blamed Biden during an interview on Fox News Channel’s “The Story” with Martha MacCallum after the current president attempted to lay the blame at the feet of his predecessor, Donald Trump.


“The advisers were telling Biden not to do what he was going to do. He flat-out ignored it, simply for, I believe, that September 11 original date that he wanted to have as the deadline and moved it up to the 31st,” Schmitz said. “And then turns around and has the audacity to blame Trump for everything.”

Eleven Marines, two U.S. Army soldiers, and a Navy Corpsman were killed on Aug. 26, 2021, along with around 150 Afghans when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest outside the international airport in Kabul.

At the time, critics shredded Biden for putting U.S. troops in a nearly impossible situation as they were both inundated with Afghans attempting to flee the incoming Taliban troops while trying to provide security for their own personnel.

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