Leaked Audio: DHS Sec Has Disastrous Meeting With Border Patrol; Agents Say Illegal Immigration ‘Worse Now Than Ever’


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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas met with Border Patrol agents this week and it did not go as he probably expected.

Townhall obtained audio of Mayorkas’ remarks to agents in the Yuma Sector during a tense meeting, which was featured on Fox News night during Sean Hannity’s show.

One agent turned his back on Mayorkas after accusing the Biden administration of not allowing agents to do their jobs of patrolling the border.

Another agent reportedly pressed Mayorkas on how agents are unable to patrol the border due to the policies of the Biden administration, while another reportedly said that Yuma was better under President Donald Trump as “everyone was doing their jobs.”

Below is a transcript via Grabien:

HANNITY: “And get this. Tonight we have now obtained exclusive audio by Townhall’s Julio Rosas of DHS secretary, this is Mayorkas and recent meeting with border control in the Yuma Sector. It didn’t go particularly well. Now Julio is reporting that one agent even turned his back on the secretary amid his total disregard for the rule of law. To take a listen to this.”

[Clip starts]


AGENT: “Every time someone important comes here, we rush out. 50 more busses come in and they take as many people out of here as they can. You guys be saying ‘Let’s see how it really is down here.’ Why do you keep sending as many people out of here as we can before they get here?

MAYORKAS: “I’m not exactly sure I follow, sorry.”


AGENT: “That whole area back here. Before you come down, before anybody comes down a senator, it doesn’t matter. They bus as many people out here as they can to whatever other sector.”

AGENT: “It may appear people try — that everything’s hunky dory. We know better. I know better.”

MAYORKAS: “The commitment remains that we’ll keep fighting. And let me — let me just say you can turn your back on me, but I’ll never turn your back on my back on you.”

AGENT: “You did the day you were appointed.”

[Clip ends]

HANNITY: “Secretary Mayoras’ office has told us that in a statement that in part, quote, ‘Secretary Mayorkas welcomes candor during these conversations, and appreciates and respects the opinions of each member of the CBP workforce.’ What about our sovereignty? And Is it really that bad? The worse in 20 years? Also tonight we should continue to bring you exclusive reporting from our very own Sara Carter who now interviewed a recently retired Border Patrol agent who said Biden’s open borders disaster is not an accident. By the way, he’s undercover. He is protecting his pension and that I don’t blame him. To take a look.”


[Clip starts]

CARTER: “How do you verify with the people are when they come through if they have no identifiers or no license or no passport?”

UNKNOWN MALE: “We have to pretty much — we bring a man, we take the fingerprints, but we just take fingerprints. You’re checking if they done something here in the U.S. We don’t know what they did outside — they may have a hit from the joint terrorist task force or whatever. But I don’t think that’s enough. That is not enough. This is a pretty much like a factory. We’re just moving people through.”

[Clip ends]

HANNITY: “All right. Here with reaction, author of ‘Fiery (But Mostly Peacful) Townhall’s Julio Rosas along with Fox News contributor Sara Carter. Julio, let’s start with you. So Mayorkas admitting it’s the worst it’s ever been. They are the once that eliminated the Stay in Mexico policy, stop building the wall, and thet are the once that brought back not catch and release, but process and release. And they are offering free transportation, no Covid test, no vaccine mandates to illegal immigrants to go anywhere they want in the country. Isn’t that right?”


ROSAS: “Exactly. And look, everything that the agents told Mayorkas, he all knows this. He says that he knows that the policy of the Biden Administration has implemented is not particularly popular with Customs and Border protection. He said we have to work within that framework. They built that framework. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s really frustrating and we are now over a year into this crisis, into this massive influx, and things have only gotten worse. And so that is why it’s not surprising that this is now the second time Mayorkas has been secretly recorded and the audio has been linked because the agents know. They saw what happened under the Trump Administration. They saw the things were working —“

HANNITY: “But Julio, correct me if I’m wrong, they built the framework, but the framework is aiding and abetting and lawbreaking and not enforcing the laws of the land. Now they have every prerogative if they want to change the law they have the House and the Senate, they have the ability to try to do that. But instead they ignore the law. Why do I believe that if I did this or you did this or Sara did this, we probably would be charged with human trafficking. Would that be too far a stretch?”

ROSAS: “No, I think you’re absolutely right. And again, this is all self-inflicted. I have yet to meet a single front line agent and I’ve been all across the border, mind you. I have yet to meet a single front-line agent that has anything the positive to say about Biden or Mayorkas or Border Patrol Chief Ruiz. And I think that’s very telling.”


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