‘How Dare You Say That!?’: Leo Terrell Goes OFF On Geraldo For Asking When He Was Last ‘In the Ghetto’

Written by Martin Walsh

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell went off on Geraldo Rivera during a fiery exchange this week.

During an interview on Thursday, Terrell and Rivera joined host Bill Hemmer to talk about Tishaura Jones, the newly-elected, first African American mayor of St. Louis, Missouri.

While discussing Jones’ ideas for reducing crime rates and reforming law enforcement, things got heated when Rivera asked Terrell “when was the last time you were in the ghetto?”

Rivera described Jones’ approach as “idealistic,” but also “unrealistic in many regards” for addressing drug crimes and urban violence. Terrell went further by lambasting Jones’ ideas a “failure,” but he also told Rivera “give me a break” with his defensive comments about the mayor.

“I’m agreeing with you, bud,” Rivera responded. “You can’t bring a social worker to a gunfight, I agree with you. But there is always room for kindness and compassion and these families are shattered…I just think you have to be realistic about what’s going on here.”

The conversation switched focus to a debate where Jones told Cara Spencer, her white, Democrat rival candidate, that “while I appreciate the role of white allies in this movement of progress, I don’t believe that they have the lived experiences to lead a majority-minority city.”

“That is the most insulting, racist comment!” Terrell reacted. “To say that she is basically in a better position because she is black is insulting, is racist, and makes no sense whatsoever.”

That’s when Rivera asked Terrell: “when was the last time you were in the ghetto?”

“How dare you say that!?” Terrell shouted.


Rivera has made a habit of saying outrageous things on Fox News.

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Not too long ago, Rivera declared that Donald Trump is “guilty as charged” for “inciting a mob” at the Capitol on January 6.

“Maybe Karl (Rove) and I differ in this, but I believe that President Trump is guilty as charged of inciting that mob,” Rivera said. “Not specifically to go and ravage the Capitol, but his words and actions following his refusal to accept the election for 77 days, and the inflammatory rhetoric he used about the big steal and so forth. I think the president really deserved this admonition from Congress.”

“I hope he’s not convicted,” Rivera said. “I hope that, ya know, they hang it on the procedural that he’s out of office already so the issue is moot. But we cannot pretend that the president has clean hands in this.”