Lifelong Democrat Calls Out Her Own Party Over Escalating Crime: ‘Enough Is Enough!’


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A self-professed lifelong Democratic voter is fed up with her party and is calling out local Democratic officials amid spiraling crime rates after she witnessed an armed carjacking in front of her own home. Neighborhood commissioner Denise Rucker Krepp, a lifelong resident of Washington, D.C., says it’s time for the city to get serious about criminal activity.

In an interview with Fox News, Krepp “pushed back against those in her own party who are advocating for a sweeping criminal code overhaul to soften repercussions on crime,” the outlet reported. Krepp believes the measure will have a horrendous impact on the city.

“I think it has to come down to every single person being impacted, and that’s what’s happening in my single member district where I’ve had a rape and murder, armed carjackings, home invasions, robberies, stabbings, shootings,” Krepp told Fox & Friends, arguing the crime wave is affecting people of every political persuasion.

She went on to say letting people go free after being charged with crimes leads to more crime.

“I don’t have enough fingers to count all the crimes that have occurred, and that’s why my constituents are saying enough is enough,” she added. “We need help. We need more police on the streets. We need more prosecutions.”

If the reforms go into effect, they would restore jury trials for misdemeanors and get rid of mandatory minimum sentences for all crimes except first-degree murder. In addition, the measure would make it simpler for convicted criminals to fight for early release, Fox News reported.

“Armed carjackings are through the roof right now,” Krepp said. “We’re at 464 right now this year, so while maybe murders are down, armed carjackings certainly aren’t down, and neither are the other major crimes in the city.”


“We’ve got to address that, and the laws that the D.C. Council are passing, it’s not helping,” she said, adding that no Democrats have reached out to her thus far indicating they will change their mind about the measure.

“To be honest, I’m very puzzled why they’re doing this,” Krepp said. “I don’t know why you would want to support the early release of rapists and murderers, and that’s why I sought help from Congress.”

“I believe that rapists should serve their full sentence, and if the D.C. Council wants to release them, fine. Let’s go to Congress and seek their help,” she added.


Other Democrats have ripped members of their party for downplaying crime and suggesting that changes to long-standing crime policies are helping.

Earlier this month, a New York Democrat blasted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after comments she made in which she downplayed “smash-and-grab” robberies which are on the rise in many major cities.


The Washington Examiner reported:

Former New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind took aim at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for doubting the rise of smash-and-grab robberies in the United States.

Hikind said Ocasio-Cortez has been pushing for policies such as defunding the police and bail reform, which Hikind claimed have led to an increase in crime.

“AOC is out of control. I don’t think she’s living on this planet,” he said in an interview with Fox News at the time. “She’s a danger — I really think she’s a danger. These crimes that are being committed — there are real victims out there.”

He went on to call on other members of the Democratic Party to speak out against her.

“She is a disaster for the average American because of her policies and the things she advocates for and the fact that so many Democrats are fearful of her and the radical Left,” he said. “AOC doesn’t care about victims. She cares about the criminal.”

Ocasio-Cortez recently expressed doubt about the rise in smash-and-grab crimes across the U.S. in an interview with the Washington Times.

“A lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out,” she said. “I believe it’s a Walgreens in California [that] cited it, but the data didn’t back it up.”

The paper noted: “She made the claim after scores of videos documented a rash of attacks by rampaging thieves and reports from big-box stores across the country about an uptick in organized retail theft and violence against employees.”

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