Limbaugh Exposes Huge Lie Robert Mueller Told Under Oath

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller appeared frail, lost, and completely unaware of what his own Russia reported stated. His testimony on Wednesday before Capitol Hill was supposed to give Democrats all the ammunition they needed to impeach Trump.

But things just got even more interesting after conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh caught Mueller telling a massive lie under oath.

While testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu asked Mueller if the only reason he did not indict President Donald Trump was because of the longstanding Office of Legal Counsel precedent.

The OLC precedent states that a sitting president cannot be indicted.

“The reason again that you did not indict Donald Trump is because of the OLC opinion stating that you cannot indict a sitting President, correct?” Lieu asked.

“That is correct,” Mueller answered.

After his first appearance ended, he took part in a second hearing before the House Intelligence Committee.

In his opening remarks, Mueller clarified that he misspoke during his exchange with Lieu and said he did not indict Trump because they never found evidence to establish a crime.

“I want to add one correction to my testimony this morning, I want to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. Lieu who said ‘You didn’t charge the president because of the OLC opinion.’ That is not the correct way to say it. As we say in the report, and as I said at the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime,” Mueller said.

In other words, Mueller didn’t indict or recommend charges against Trump because there wasn’t any evidence to do so.

Here’s where Limbaugh comes in.

During his show on Wednesday, Limbaugh noted that Mueller lied under oath about when he said that the OLC precedent played a big role in his team not charging Trump.

To make his point, Limbaugh played a clip of Attorney General William Barr testifying before Congress two months ago.

Barr told congressional lawmakers, under oath, that Mueller informed him on three separate occasions that he never intended to indict Trump.

Limbaugh then revealed the significance of Mueller’s lie:

He is saying here that Bob Mueller told him three times that the regulations from the Office of Legal Counsel had no determination whatsoever in the decision not to charge the president with obstruction. And, yet all day today, Mueller has insisted that’s the only reason he didn’t. He’s fallen back on this. He’s relied on it. It’s almost like a crutch and a backstop. You know, Democrats keep zeroing in, pounding in.

William Barr, numerous times (this is just recently on May 1) was saying that Mueller told him the exact opposite, that the Office of Legal Counsel guidelines had nothing to do with it.

Mueller told Barr three times that the OLC had no impact on his decision not to charge Trump, but told Congress and the public that it did played a role.

Mueller is lying to someone.

And Limbaugh called him out for it.